Agile Product Management: Scaled Agile Scrum: Nexus & Product Owner 27 Tips to Manage Your Product Prime –

In this class, you will be given a complete overview of Scrum Nexus used to scale scrum across multiple teams and deliver large projects I promise that this class will be nothing short of informative and mind opening In the world today, especially the business side, it is very difficult to develop a team to the level that most of us may like and still be able to maintain the team s discipline and structure that will lead to high quality products But with Nexus, you can solve these problems since it is a key framework for doing exactly that, even with huge teams I am certain that you are going to get value from this class, as it will give you a comprehensive introduction to Nexus Scaled Scrum In addition to that, I will walk you step by step through the history of Nexus, the practices and the principles For a better understanding, I will provide you with lots of examples throughout this class