[Kostenlos eBook] Algorithms to Live Nach: The Computer Science of Human Decisions (Hörbuch-Herunterladen): Amazon.de: Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths, Brian Christian, Brilliance Audio: Audible AudiobooksAutor Brian Christian – Avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de

It has some very interesting facts and points but it could be half this long and you would still get the same out of it The author keeps repeating himself a lot and sometimes doesn t really get to a point or you can t really see how you could apply the principle in real life And from the title ths is what I tought it would be like. The book is good and gives some pretty nice ideas and insights into how someone can do about their lives and decisions However, as a person with engineering background and some minor understanding of psychology I ve found several things in the book far fetched or applicable to a very limited set of areas which makes the book just a good read rather than something that will really change how you think about things. Das Buch ist recht gut geschrieben Es wird gezeigt wo auch wir als Menschen im t glichen Leben nach Algorithmen handeln oder zumindest handeln k nnten Das ist allerdings zu Beginn st rker als sp ter je weiter man im Buch kommt, umso mehr werden einfach nur Algorithmen beschrieben wenn auch allgemeinverst ndlich und nicht zu technisch , der Bezug zum t glichen Leben wird schw cher F r viele Leser eines Buches mit diesem Titel w re aber wahrscheinlich gerade das interessant, denn wer die Algorithmen an sich lernen will, kauft sich gleich ein technisches Buch. Mathematische Algorithmen die praktische Lebensfragen l sen Nach der Lekt re ist man schlauer berzeugend geschrieben, gute Englischkenntnisse und mathematisches Grundverst ndnis sind allerdings hilfreich. I absolutely love this book I am studying math, but I can assure you that even when you have little mathematical background you will understand everything in the book The book shows the real life applications for some mathematical algorithms used by computer scientist. Excellent book with advice that is backed by science and data, not feel good anecdotal impressions like other similar books Highly recommended. I was doing software engeneering CS algorithms machine learning for several years now and the beginning of the book was quite boring for me, but then the examples which I did not know started andI spend every evening reading this book. A fascinating exploration of how computer algorithms can be applied to our everyday lives, helping to solve common decision making problems and illuminate the workings of the human mind All our lives are constrained by limited space and time, limits that give rise to a particular set of problems What should we do, or leave undone, in a day or a lifetime How much messiness should we accept What balance of new activities and familiar favorites is the most fulfilling These may seem like uniquely human quandaries, but they are not computers, too, face the same constraints, so computer scientists have been grappling with their version of such problems for decades And the solutions they ve found have much to teach us In a dazzlingly interdisciplinary work, acclaimed author Brian Christian and cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths show how the simple, precise algorithms used by computers can also untangle very human questions They explain how to have better hunches and when to leave things to chance, how to deal with overwhelming choices and how best to connect with others From finding a spouse to finding a parking spot, from organizing one s inbox to understanding the workings of human memory, Algorithms to Live By transforms the wisdom of computer science into strategies for human living This book talks about the history and evolution of algorithms from the very beginning, talking about particular problems and the different approaches scientists, mathematicians and others have adopted in trying to solve these issues This book is clever in how it can get the reader to see a general problem and showing them how it can be broken down into different categories that a computer can solve, and how the thinking to solve that problems can solve other problems This is a key skill to have in fields such as applied mathematics and computer science and gets the reader thinking about problems in the right way.