Free Textbooks Ansible - Up and RunningAuthor Lorin Hochstein –

Haven t gotten very far into the book yet but seems ok as a tool for self paced learning of Ansible The only gripe with the 2nd edition is the very short one and a half page coverage of Ansible Vault which seems a bit limiting given the trend to host applications in public clouds and something it would be good to see addressed if there is ever a 3rd edition in print. Among the many configuration management tools available, Ansible has some distinct advantagesits minimal in nature, you dont need to install anything on your nodes, and it has an easy learning curve With this updated second edition, youll learn how to be productive with this tool quickly, whether youre a developer deploying code to production or a system administrator looking for a better automation solutionAuthors Lorin Hochstein and Ren Moser show you how to write playbooks Ansibles configuration management scripts , manage remote servers, and explore the tools real power built in declarative modules Youll discover that Ansible has the functionality you needand the simplicity you desireManage Windows machines, and automate network device configurationManage your fleet from your web browser with Ansible TowerUnderstand how Ansible differs from other configuration management systemsUse the YAML file format to write your own playbooksWork with a complete example to deploy a non trivial applicationDeploy applications to EC and other cloud platformsCreate Docker images and deploy Docker containers with AnsibleThis book is best read start to finish, with later chapters building on earlier ones Because its written in a tutorial style, you can follow along on your own machine Most examples focus on web applications I was expecting a thorough, methodical and very structured introduction to ansible Well, this book is sort of that It definitely is a good and useful introduction to ansible The authors do a good job guiding the reader from first steps to intermediate use by using a sample multi server scenario which you easily can run on your single machine laptop and they explain how to do that There are many options, possibilities and usage scenarios described in enough detail, but what I am missing a little bit is a kind of structured listing of all or most options and possibilities I guess if I want to have that, then I ll have to go through the official ansible documentation The book is learning from a seasoned and well versed user, rather than from a schoolbook.The breadth of topics is quite good Of course, playbooks and role, the inventory, variables and facts are all covered But not only There are also chapters dealing specifically with Vagrant, EC2, Docker, Windows Hosts and Network Devices, even Ansible Tower has its chapter And there is also information on performance, debugging and writing custom modules.Even though I was expecting something slightly different, I still think this is a valuable book to read and can recommend it to anyone who wants to make good use of ansible and its capabilities. Good book Waiting for an updated third edition Cumple con las espectativas, sobre todo si trabajas con Ansible y tu conocimiento al respecto no es muy amplio. Updated product Great book on the subject, this combined with the book Ansible for Devops will have you up running and productive quickly. Good starting point if you plan on learning Ansible, plenty of code and examples.