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If you want to learn how to program games, youve come to the right place In this book youll learn the basics of programming using the C programming language While we admit we love to program just about anything, developing games is one of the coolest things of all Most of the examples in this book are related to game development using MonoGame MonoGame is an open source game development framework based on the Microsoft XNAframework It s even better than XNA was, though, because you can develop games for a great variety of platforms from mobile devices to consoles So youll learn how to program properly and youll learn how to build simple games using MonoGame Youll notice we said learn how to program properly, not whack together games that seem to work This is a book that focuses on the correct way to write game software and software in general , so theres lots of discussion about our motivations for the particular design and coding decisions we make throughout the bookThe book assumes that youve never programmed before, so all the material starts at the most basic level That means that anyone should be able to pick up the book and work their way through it without any prior knowledge Thats the good newsThe bad news is that programming is hard work, especially at first If you truly want to learn how to program, youll need to write programs yourself and struggle through some rough spots before some topics really click for you Just as you cant learn how to ride a bicycle by reading about it you have to actually do it, probably with some spills along the way you cant learn to program just by reading about it If you were hoping to read a book to learn how to program without doing any programming yourself, its not going to happenIf you really just want to learn all the nuts and bolts of MonoGame, you should explore the MonoGame documentation instead of buying this book If, however, you aspire to be a professional game programmer whether as an indie game developer or in a large game company then this book will give you a solid foundation for starting on that path

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