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A screenwriter with an inoperable brain tumor becomes obsessed with an actress from the turn of the century and uses hypnosis to travel back in time to meet her.I've been reading a fair bit of Richard Matheson lately and stumbled upon this at the used bookstore After leaving my kindle at work over a long weekend, I pulled the trigger on it.Firstly, the first 33% of this book was an uphill climb Wearing snow shoes With a safe strapped to my back Richard Collier finds out he has a brain tumor and decides to go for one last road trip He stays at a hotel, becomes infatuated with an actress from 1896, and travels back to the 1890's with self hypnosis It takes over 100 pages for him to get there Also, time travel via self hypnosis?I had good intentions but life's too short to push through something I'm barely interested in, even if the author is responsible for most of the great Twilight Zone episodes I may return to it at some future date. Bid Time Return WikipediaHome Page bidtimereturn When I turned , I moved to San Diego and was obsessed with Hotel Del Coronado, having just read, Bid Time Return I even learned of the Maud Adams connection through research I performed with a close friend and the help of Hotel Del staff At the age ofI wrote, Daye Dream Now I amBid Time Return Project Gutenberg Self Publishing Bid time return the time capsules buried under theBid Time Return Somewhere in Time , by Richard Mooresville Public Library Mooresville, Indiana and Cauli Le Chat Video Productions present a book trailer featuring the science fiction romance novel, Bid Time Return, by Richard Bid Time Return Eftel Bid Time Return is the title of the memoirs which were written by Lilian Scott ne Burbury, a descendant of Thomas and Mary Burbury of Van Diemen s Land The memoirs concentrate on the period when Lilian was a child and growing up on the Fonthill property at Eastern Marshes, to Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson AbeBooks Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson Later Filmed and Released as Somewhere in Time Matheson, Richard aka Logan Swanson Published by NY Bid Time Return Richard Matheson Bid Time Return is a stunningly romantic novel of love and passion that literally transcends time, by an author far better known for his tales of science fiction and horror Richard Matheson s premise is captivating What if you were a dying young man, visiting a turn of the century resort hotel And what if you fell in love with a painting of a beautiful stage actress but she had lived and died a century before Somewhere In Time Bid Time Return Book Movievideos Play all Somewhere in TimeFull Movie Strange NatureFull Movie The Writer Speaks Richard Matheson Duration Writers Guild Foundation Recommended for you BID TIME RETURN PDFS with bid time return PDF, include Biology Spring Break Packet Answers , Bo Jackson, and many other ebooks We have made it easy for you to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with bid time return PDF To get started finding bid time return, you are right to find our website which What the heck was that I just read, and why did I read it?This is one of the sappiest, outrageously nauseating, chauvinistic, sloppily sentimental books I've read this year, and considering how much actual 19th century literature I've read this year, that's really saying something.We spend the first third of this book with the main character, Richard Collier (by the way, I always get afully suspicious when the character and the author share a name, don't you?) being maniacal about a photograph of a pretty woman Like, stalker with a crush obsessed The woman is Elise McKenna, an actress who staged a play in the hotel he's staying at in 1896, so of course his obsession becomes sufficiently powerful to let him hypnotize himself into time traveling to her, and that's where things get really cringeworthy.Apparently, his tactic for wooing her is cling to her knees and whine until she relents And she does, because, literally, magic! I don't know why I'm putting up with this obviously creepy stalker who won't leave me alone, but I am magically in love with him Holy hell Also, this woman who is an early Feminist and Suffragette and built up a ton of armoured walls she says so, literally just drapes herself all over this man who showed up out of nowhere, and melts Wow All this is buried in heaps and piles of the sappiest dialogue I've read in a while, and spattered with pointless scenes that are intended to make it look like plot is happening.Girls, if a random creepy guy shows up and tells you he's destined for you after failing in love with your photograph, do the right thing and kick him out the nearest airlock. The book starts out rather rough and the timetravel aspect is halflaughable and absolutely necessary for the ambiguity inherent in the novel, but DAMNTHIS IS ONE HELL OF HEA ROMANCE.Love and first sight, straining against social customs, heaving bosoms, torn hearts.Sigh.I admit I kinda fell for this I'm not a huge romance reader, but it was soooooo damn sweet and predictable and full of satisfaction.But I also really appreciated the twist :) I should probably rewatch the 1980 movie and see if it really does the book justice. The uniqueness of the way this time travel story is writtenand beginsdrew me right in, and thenBAMMM! you find out why handsome, 36 year old Richard Collier decides to travel and write a book about it.hooked!As you can guess or already know having seen the movie, Richard travels back in time from 1971 to the Victorian times of 1896 to find his imagined love, actress Elise McKenna, and although the love relationship is foolishly sentimental and a bit overthetop with all the I Love You'scombined with the detailed historic descriptions and Oh No! surprise moments within these pages, I really quite enjoyed it.(view spoiler)[despite that dam 1971 penny that ruined everything! (hide spoiler)] Somewhere in Richard Matheson's 1975 novel Bid Time Return is a wonderful science fiction tale dying to get out Some would argue it did, inspiring the much loved 1980 film Somewhere In Time, which was so embraced that it became the de facto title for the novel when reprinted This is the romantic fantasy of an author born in the 1920s and in addition to being difficult for me to relate to on that end, excited me only in the moments its hero travels through time.Unfolding in the format of a found journal, Bid Time Return begins November 14, 1971 with thirtysix year old screenwriter Richard Collier leaving the Los Angeles home of his brother Robert With the flip of a coin, he drives south Richard has learned he has six months to live as a result of a temporallobe tumor and with no children, no great love of his own, takes to the road, stopping in Long Beach to tour the Queen Mary before settling at the grand Coronado Hotel in San Diego.It is here that Richard comes across the portrait of Elise McKenna, star of the turnofthecentury stage who was at the hotel on November 18, 1896 to perform in a play written for her by J.M Barrie Richard becomes obsessed with the actress, learning what little he can about her life from books He determines that he actually saw her once, while a twentyyearold boy in college, and begins to piece together clues that they may have actually met sometime long ago.Employing hypnosis techniques (which actually work much better on the page than they have any right to), Richard is able to reconstitute in 1896 on the eve of Miss McKenna's performance at the Coronado He's rented a period costume for the occasion, brought along a twentydollar gold certificate and a tendollar silver certificate of the time for mad money and armed with the confidence that history has meant for them to be together, opens his eyes in the turn of the century.Perhaps the biggest problem with reading Bid Time Return today is how Matheson's prescription for eternal love comes across a lot like stalking Richard is not only obsessed with Elise and adamant about being with her, but possessing her as an object Her beauty and allure is what attracts him, nothingIt's not a leap to imagine the stalker who confronted Sandra Bullock outside her bedroom in 2014 shares a lot of the same qualities as Matheson's lovesick hero.Matheson employs some neat slight of hand to explain why Elise wouldn't turn and run away from Richard at the first sight of him He filled the story with just enough detail about the Coronado Hotel and time travel to tease my curiosity, but falters by not giving Richard anyone in the story to confide in, to truly examine what it would be like for a man from 1971 to be living in 1896 Richard could have just as easily arrived on a movie set.Richard Matheson's contributions to The Twilight Zone and to science fiction in general are impossible to ignore, but it seems that some of his best known novels are better suited to a 24minute TV format Bid Time Return is quite thin, perhaps born of a time when science fiction and fantasy was meant to be consumed in magazine format, long before Stephen King was devoting 150,000 words andto his dark fantasy novels What disappointed me about Bid Time Return is how little Richard and Elise have in common once they cross the sea of time to be together Their laughter is fleeting, their cultures completely disparate and their apologies for clinging on to each other so ferociously never seem to end This couple has no reason to be together other than the author's insistence that they're meant to be together Matheson was apparently inspired by a portrait he came across at Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada of the 19th century stage actress Maude Adams (she is quite beautiful) Matheson was struck by the fact that Adams never married and as if seeing an opening, inserts himself into the shoes of a time traveler who covets her For some readers, this is true love For me, it was creepy I needed a reason for Richard to travel through time and pursue Elise rather than to possess her.The author's imagination is never in doubt when it comes to time travel Like my favorite stories in this subgenre, no time machine was employed, no tech, simply the human mind, and it works quite well The romantic component, on the other hand, was repellent I wished the story was devoted to the time period and to the nature of a traveler from the future who finds himself trapped there Elise McKenna should've been left alone Richard can't help but expose himself as a world class creeper. Part fantasy novel, part romance novel, Richard Matheson's Bid Time Return finds dying writer Richard Collier falling in love with a photograph of a turn of the century actress Elise McKenna, becoming obsessed with her and then finding a way to travel back in time to meet her.On the surface, the premise sounds absurd, but really noso than your standard romance novel It's the story of two people falling in love and overcoming obstancles to be together In this case, it's the gulf of time standing between them At least that's the case at first.Once you accept the premise that Collier can and does find a way to move back in time to meet McKenna (he's staying at the same hotel she is, so he doesn't move in space, only time), the rest of the story falls well into place Matheson's narration of the Collier via firstperson, starting off in short, punctuated bursts from Collier's audio diary and later becoming longer anddetailed as Collier switches to writing out his feelings and confidingin the readers, helps draw the reader in and question if this is really happening or if Collier has descending into dementia due to a brain tumor Thankfully, Matheson wisely decides to not confirm or deny the reality of events, allowing the reader to choose for themselves.Instead, what drives the story is Matheson's ability to put ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and realistically portray the character's reactions The premise may be one of fantasy, but the characters are realistic It's easy to see why Stephen King says Matheson was a big influence on his (King's) works Time travel in a romance story is apparently nothing new But Matheson's strengh is finding a new twist on the old story, bringing in just enough of his own distinctive storytelling style to make it his own This is a book that will have you rooting for Collier in his quest and heartbroken at the end when it ends in tragedy (as it must, since the ending is set before the story begins.) But it's not the ending that matters so much as the journey And in the hands of Matheson, this is a journey worth taking. Opening Line: Driving down Long Valley Road Lovely day; bright sunshine, blue sky.This week has been one filled with romantic tragedies for me First I went to the see the rerelease of Titanic in 3D (oh Jack) and then because I hadn’t had quite enough heartache I decided to revisit one of my all time favourite romances with Somewhere In Time (Bid Time Return.) It’s been years since I first read this as a teenager, god knows how many times I watched the movie starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve (another tragedy there) and I wasn’t sure if I’d feel the same about it now Really the only difference this time around was that I was able to appreciate the quality of the writing and amount of research that must have gone into making this tale of time travel, well, believable The romance is still as moving as it was And yes much like Titanic even though I knew what was coming I still shed a tear at the end.Told from a first person narrative and written as if you were reading a journal, we meet Richard Collier A 30ish Los Angeles screenwriter with an inoperable brain tumour Not wanting to burden his family, Richard packs up his life and decides to end his days wherever the road takes him These beginning chapters are fast moving, choppy and written with short slightly erratic paragraphs as Richard dictates into an audio diary In the second half the journal entries become longer anddetailed and quite honestly a little dry in places Through the fate of a coin toss Richard finds himself at the Hotel Del Coronado, a grand seaside resort, steeped in history that manages to become a character onto itself here It’s within the hotel museum that Richard comes across a turn of the century photograph of an actress named Elise McKenna, and at that moment everything else in Richard’s life ceases to exist He can’t stop thinking about the beautiful woman, or the look in her eyes, becoming obsessed with her and the time she lived in Richard then begins to research her life and in every instance notes a complete change in her character after her acting troupe left the hotel 75 years before If only he could meet her, if only he could get to her and find out what made her so sad, why she never married Its then that Richard begins researching time travel and self hypnosis, convinced that he can get back to her When he finds his name in an 1896 hotel registry he knows with certainty what the change in Elise was He was with her, now he just has to get back to her Some of the time travel paradoxes in this are positively mind bending and you can’t think about them too long for fear of brain explosions.As I mentioned the writing changes as soon as Richard finds himself in 1896 (yeah he does) becomingformal and detailed It is explained that he is now writing his accounts instead of dictating Matheson’s descriptions of the time are pure genius, not just taking into account the obvious like clothing but the social attitudes, the language differences, the size of people Is everyone short and stocky? I loved the descriptions and Richards discovery of it all The romance aspect here is beautifully done albeit a little soppy and with a hint of the supernatural, because as it turns out Elise was expecting him Well not him but through a physic she’s been waiting for someone mysterious to sweep her off her feet Her over protective manager plays the antagonist here, trying in vain to keep them apart and while Richard should hate him he finds that he cannot because he knows how the man dies I suppose you can’t change the past though and as much as I found myself cheering for our couple it was already written Probably the most moving part of this book is in the afterward (provided by Richard’s brother) which explains that his time travel was only that of a form of escapism provided by his tumour amassed brain Robert Collier cannot however explain the love letters in Richards pocket or the antique (yet new) pocket watch or Elise McKenna’s famous dying last words He leaves it up to the reader to decide if it happened or not I think it did Cheers.291jb4 I want to explain my rating The first 1/3 of the book was worthy of 5 stars for me The second 2/3, only worth 3 stars, but I can't justify an over all rating of 3 In addition to a foreword from the author's brother, there is an afterword that bumps up the quality of the story from those 3 stars As a teen, I must have seen this movie a hundred times, so I went into the book looking for those same feelings of love, romance, nostalgia and melancholy They were all present, but the movie had an innocence I found lacking on the written page I haven't seen the movie in years, so a rewatch may be in order.This is the story of R.C Collier, told in a narrative as if it were his journal Collier has an inoperable, so terminal, brain tumor He escapes his life to end his days traveling and journaling alone Along the way he stumbles upon the Hotel Del Coronado, and falls in love, not only with a woman he sees pictured in the hotel's museum, but, the hotel and time she lived in, as well He then does exhaustive research into her life, the hotel's history and the period in which she lived The woman, a famous stage star of the late 1800's, early 1900's, is Elise McKenna.My favorite part of the book, which was very brief in the movie, was his research and attempts to visit the past It was hard! He had nothing to lose, so kept at it, and I found his dedication to a seemingly, impossible task sweet All for the sake of a face I don't want to spoil anything for that 2% of readers who have not seen the movie, but the entire premise is based on an ontological paradox One could go dizzy trying to analyze the ramifications of Collier's actions Suffice it to say, against all odds, Collier succeeds Once he reaches 1896 and Elise, it gets pretty sappy Lines I found charming from Christopher Reeves, came across as almost ridiculously mooney on the page He does find his love, becomes her love, andtragically is sent back to 1971 In a nutshell.The afterword, written by Collier's brother, explains that the journal outlining his adventure is the escape mechanism of a dying mind Genius, as far as I'm concerned, for Matheson to give us the option of believing or not Is there really such a thing as love that can triumph over time? He gives us the privilege of deciding for ourselves Either way, it's a great, hearttugging tale. All I can say is, it is completely obvious that this book was written by a man He spends a tedious amount of time trying to explain away his time travel premise and forgets to explain the most obvious part of his book: how could a supposedly intelligent woman fall in love with his wacko main character?Saw the movie years ago and thought it would be fun to read the book, since they are USUALLY better What I found was a super sugary story that wasn't very moving.Richard Collier is the main character, dying of a brain tumor He runs off to a historical hotel near San Diego and proceeds to fall in love with an actress from the 1890s purely by looking at her photo He then proceeds to learn all about her (and oh yeah, how to time travel) by ducking into the local book store Of course in a matter of days he's figured out how to go back in time, come across famous actress Elise McKenna and make her fall ardently in love with him in a matter of hours.Instead of a smart and dashing hero, Richard comes off as a crazy fan/stalker that tells Elise he loves her but of course refuses to tell her anything about himself It seems incredible to me that the reader is to believe that Elise would just go for this guy (who knows a creepy amount about her without being told and is only vague about himself) with no questions asked.I also found the beginning of the book, which is written as if it is a transcript of Richard speaking into his handydandy hand recorder extremely distracting An image of this lone dude whispering into his recorder while mooning over vintage photographs does little to dispess his psycho image.It gets easier to read as the book goes on and gets into a better flow of dialog, but it is still a very fluffy storyline.I read this book while lounging poolside, and that is probably why I read it all the way through It is good vacation reading, because ultimately you're not going to care if it gets wet and soggy from the pool I doubt this will be a rereader, you'll be happy enough to just rent the dvd.