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This book provides an introduction to Bluetooth programming, with a specific focus on developing real code The authors discuss the major concepts and techniques involved in Bluetooth programming, with special emphasis on how they relate to other networking technologies They provide specific descriptions and examples for creating applications in a number of programming languages and environments including Python, C, Java, GNU Linux, Windows XP, Symbian Series , and Mac OS X No previous experience with Bluetooth is assumed, and the material is suitable for anyone with some programming background The authors place special emphasis on the essential concepts and techniques of Bluetooth programming, starting simply and allowing the reader to quickly master the basic concepts before addressing advanced features

12 thoughts on “Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers

  1. Simon Simon says:

    It s good for the basics of Bluetooth programming scanning and paging for Bluetooth devices Getting device addresses and names Basic RFCOMM connectionsHowever, it glosses over a lot of stuff and there are no examples covering security, bonding or pairing The upper layer protocols are not covered in this book at all.If you re an absolute Bluetooth novice it is a good introduction but you can find the example code on line and that is the most beneficial part of the book in my opinion.

  2. JohnJoe JohnJoe says:

    No didn t like it I am programmer of 40 years experience and was looking to gain an understanding of the basics of how bluetooth worked technically This book does not address the subject that way and leaves you feeling that information is needed another book

  3. Nicholas Herriot Nicholas Herriot says:

    Was hopping for worked examples It s great from a standards and specifications stand point.

  4. Robin T. Wernick Robin T. Wernick says:

    I have been looking for a comprehensive book on Bluetooth programming since I started working on providing a secure IoT communications network for my home automation system a year ago Actual code for Bluetooth is very hard to find and mostly consists of snippets on the internet.This book covers programming on two platforms in three different languages And it covers both device discovery and actual intercommunications I have to say that this is the book to have for Bluetooth programming.Android programming examples are relatively easy to find The trick is to find Windows files and libraries The header files for C programming have become very hard to get since Nokia absorbed the early Bluetooth libraries in 2007 So, if you want to have your Bluetooth dongle talk to your own network of devices, it s going to take some time scraping the internet to get a complete working Bluetooth header and a library to link into your code Also, the book clearly differentiates the old Bluetooth from Bluetooth LTE.This book has helped me understand the code, the pitfalls, and the background to successful Bluetooth programming Although the problem of producing a secure network among my devices has turned out to be a larger problem than I expected, this book has covered all the bases and given me confidence that I can find the answer to the solution with the material from this one book.

  5. W W says:

    If you re looking for Classic Bluetooth not LE, or Low Energy programming knowledge, this is the place to look For OS X, the material is slightly dated, but still applicable.

  6. stanley82 stanley82 says:

    Assumes smarts than I had on Python I got pybluez onto MintWeezy okay and running gave strange errors It s not mentioned that you need to enter python to run foo Once I educated myself it s fine but I d rather stick to the c examplesjuly 10 2015Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers, in addition to my previous comment I would like to add a few now that I have used the book I ve limited myself to c and RFCOMM and have succeeded in making my application run I did run into a few not expected hicks.1 Rfcomm receive can t be used transparent, that means it fails on certain non ASC2 characters The most annoying is receiving a NULL, in c it s end of string So I had to work round that one.2 Using the receiver routine I had to add sufficient time delay to receive the string There is no way of knowing when it s all received.3 There were leading and trailing garbage so I prefixed and postfixed the string with two characters __ like in old bisync to be able to find the start and end of my_string If I reduced the delay and did multiple receive reads and strcat d, s from the buffer I had small chunks of garbage in the final string.Despite running into these hicks the book covered aspects than I needed but not exactly what I needed What I really needed was to receive a packet containing my_string I must add though that I did get my project going and that the remote end was a Roving Networks RN42 and my PC end was Linux Mint The discovery and connection routines worked like a charm.

  7. Agha Khan Agha Khan says:

    It is good book but covers very small portion of Bluetooth and mostly filed with text covering for different languages I enjoyed this book, but wish programs on this nature.

  8. Brockefeller Brockefeller says:

    This book was very well written and serves it s purpose perfectly It s not a reference manual, but a very concise and brief guide to get you going quickly There is no fluff, just the nuts and bolts to allow you to get an application up and running with Bluetooth communication.

  9. DrCat DrCat says:

    If you do not need to go into deep woods of Bluetooth, this book will give you basic knowledge what is that and how to use it.

  10. Deepak Mital Deepak Mital says:

    This book is a must starting place for anybody starting on developing Bluetooth SW application.No programming expertise needed either just common sense will do.

  11. Nomad Nomad says:

    Great intro to topic Wish there was a little on Windows platform, only covers native Windows stack but not Widcomm stack just as popular.

  12. Fan Fan says:

    does not allow me to download this to my phone Some excuse about reaching my license limit No way to fix this so I cannot read it.