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When his father dies, Bo Gamage warily moves to the Mojave Desert home of his distant and estranged relatives, the Martinkas, and finds that Mad lives up to her name, PawPaw despises him, and Aunt Juna hopes he ll help search for the gold mine that started a family feud

10 thoughts on “Bo & Mzzz Mad

  1. George Crowder George Crowder says:

    Big Sid Fleschman fan By the Great Horn Spoon is such a terrific book but I m afraid this was a lesser effort Some of his trademark humor redeemed it.

  2. Jonte Jonte says:

    The story B and Mzzz Mad is about a boy name James he is 18 years old and he goes on this road trip Whole he is on that trip he end up in the middle of the road with a girl name Ceira come to find out they was enemies in middle school every sense than they have not like each other They both go thought crazy and mystery hotel they learn that its not wroth it to be enemies I say yes read this book because it shows how dum it is to be enemies over.