CHERNOBYL - PRELUDE OF A DISASTER: A Tale of Man-Made Nuclear Devastation (Vol. I) Prime –

A Nominee for Heorhij Stepanovych Kyrylenko National Prize and winner of the Best journalistic report onChernobyl disaster named by Kyiv Today, this book unfolds the events of the worst nuclear accident, also depicted in the world famous Chernobyldrama TV serie, with in depth detailsRead below to discoverAt AM in the morning of April th, the world was shaken by a man made nuclear disaster Unitof the Chernobyl power plant met historical devastation that night, resulting in lasting ecological, medical, and political effectsThe causes of such an accident for long remained behind the veil of governmental secrecyFor years, the people remained shocked by an RBMK explosion, and its ramifications remained unforeseen for years The careless response and irresponsible state attitude towards the dangers of nuclear catastrophe brought harm to the world, endangering widespread population living in Eastern Europe to the far in the westThe complete account of the Chernobyl disaster could have only been drawn by connecting its dots with the historical development of nuclear power in the world, particularly in the Soviet UnionAfter ten years of research, and the observations from the conducted investigations, historical and on going developments at the Chernobyl, the author Svetlana Kostenko, has written a detailed and in depth narrative of this nuclear accident and unfolded all the series of events that led to this eventual disasterWho was truly responsible for the explosion Was it a human error, a technical fault, or mere propaganda Chernobyl Prelude of A Disaster A Tale of Man Made Nuclear Devastation Vol I is an honest narration of the incident through the eyes of the on site witnesses and the liquidators who worked there onThe event has many stories to tell and teach mankind about the inevitable consequences of a poorly managed power resourceDeceit and misinformation cannot take any state ahead but only weakens it at its foundations BUY NOW to step out of the dark and learn actual facts of a realRBMK explosion

3 thoughts on “CHERNOBYL - PRELUDE OF A DISASTER: A Tale of Man-Made Nuclear Devastation (Vol. I)

  1. Phil Phil says:

    Written similarly to Chernobyl 01.23.40, but horrible grammar prevents me to stop reading after 29% I won t bother reading the follow on volume by the same author The grammar makes it difficult to read This book should have been edited Not recommended.

  2. Lori P. Kove Lori P. Kove says:

    The narrative remains compelling even while being detailed All in all, a great read and a compelling argument against nuclear power as managed by fallible humans.

  3. Amber Powner Amber Powner says:

    As interesting as the subject matter is, this book has not been edited It is too distracting to read I love nonfiction and was prepared to bear through the poor grammar and spelling, but it became too much of a distraction and I simply was not enjoying the read I would not recommend this book, sadly.