[[ Free Reading ]] Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes: Building, Deploying, and Scaling Modern Applications in the CloudAuthor John Arundel – Avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de

Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes details how Kubernetes works with an emphasis on running in production environments and at scale The beginning chapters give a solid foundation on Kubernetes and make a case for it being the operating system of the cloud.There s a few key chapters which stood out describing tools that interact with Kubernetes Chapters dedicated to tools, CICD, deploying, secrets, observability, and metrics were all valuable The authors obviously have much hands on experience and make key distinctions between tools For example, New Relic and Datadog are mentioned as logging apps that can be used as a paid subscription Datadog is said to be slightly better for infrastructure logging while New Relic is better for application logging Free solutions were described as well, and there was an even treatment.The book is essentially cloud agnostic Details are given about setup for Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure The authors prefer the Google Cloud since it s the most advanced and Kubernetes was developed by Google Although they made a valuable point if you are setup on one of the other cloud providers already it s generally not worth switching They also recommend not to manage your own Kubernetes cluster and describe lots of pitfalls It s better to pick an established cloud provider that has a managed Kubernetes cluster.This book serves as a valuable resource to people looking to learn Kubernetes The writing is clear so that programmers of different levels will be able to gain from it. Receive the book in 1 day, all chapters seems to cover all kubernetes aspect. Best Kubernetes book I ve read so far I like how it s written and a good book to get up to speed fast Very good book that will give you a good over view of everything you will interface with in the k8s world Meant for of a intermediate skilled audiance probably. It s a good overview and John covers a great depth of the important topics that should be covered in Kubernetes I just fear that by 2020, there will be a huge number of Tools mentioned already old shoes in the speed this ecosystem is moving, so I guess it may be time for an early second edition next year already Definitely worth when beginning with Kubernetes to look at Kubernetes is the operating system of the cloud native world, providing a reliable and scalable platform for running containerized workloads This book shows developers and operations staff how to apply industry standard DevOps practices to Kubernetes in a cloud native context You ll learn all about the Kubernetes ecosystem and discover battle tested solutions to everyday problems In this friendly, pragmatic book, cloud experts John Arundel and Justin Domingus show you what Kubernetes can do and what you can do with it You ll build, step by step, an example cloud native application and its supporting infrastructure, along with a development environment and continuous deployment pipeline that you can use for your own applications Understand containers and Kubernetes from first principles no experience necessary Run your own clusters or choose a managed Kubernetes service from , Google, and others Design your own cloud native services and infrastructure Use Kubernetes to manage resource usage and the container lifecycle Optimize clusters for cost, performance, resilience, capacity, and scalability Learn the best tools for developing, testing, and deploying your applications Apply the latest industry practices for observability and monitoring Secure your containers and clusters in production Adopt DevOps principles to help make your development teams lean, fast, and effective