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This new collection of cartoons is a bovine celebration of the author s fascination with cows

10 thoughts on “Cows of Our Planet

  1. Melki Melki says:

    This Hell s video store This Hell s video store

  2. Maria Lago Maria Lago says:

    Having a bad day Here, take this book.

  3. Andy Hickman Andy Hickman says:

    COWS OF OUR PLANET by Gary LarsonFar Side collection Almost exclusively cartoons based on a subtle word play Some make you smile Hell s suggestion box God with the smite button but the sequences become rapidly monotonous

  4. Shirley Yant Shirley Yant says:

    Goofy and fun to read

  5. Ben Ben says:

    A fun quick comic book of Far Side.

  6. Carly Kirk Carly Kirk says:

    Laughed out loud a whole lot and loved the foldout cows of the world poster

  7. Mr. Steve Mr. Steve says:

    Gary Larson is a mad genius

  8. Thomas Thomas says:


  9. Nicholas Bobbitt Nicholas Bobbitt says:

    It s Gary Larson Of course I love his insane humor.

  10. Kasey Wilson Kasey Wilson says:

    Larsen does it again.The sheer amount of comedy chickens deliver in this book has to be read to be believed.