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BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT BOOKSReaders report that s rd party sellers are selling counterfeits counterfeit pages have misprints, missing pages or pages in reverse order is investigating the issue For now, purchase genuine books with the logo bit BxxBfBrand new rd editionLewis C Lin the world sexpert on product management PM interviews has updated Decode and Conquer in an all new third edition Decode and Conquer is your starting pointon how to conquer the most difficult PM interview questions Here s what to expect Frameworks for design and metrics questionsincluding the famous CIRCLES Method, AARM Method, and DIGS MethodBiggest mistakes PM candidates make at the interview and how to avoid themInsider tips on just what interviewers are looking for and how to answer so they can t say NO to hiring youSample answers forimportant PM interview questionsExpanded Section on Metrics ExecutionThe rd edition has an expanded section on metrics execution questions Empower yourself with the latest thinking, frameworks, and tips to cover this growing category of questions Questions and answers covered in the bookDesign a new iPad app for Google SpreadsheetBrainstorm as many algorithms as possible for recommending Twitter followersYou re the CEO of the Yellow Cab taxi service How do you respond to Uber You re part of the Google Search web spam team How would you detect duplicate websites Endorsed by Google recruiters Praised by Business InsiderDecode and Conquer, especially CIRCLES, has been endorsed by recruiters and top publications such as Business Insider Top product management executives, including those from Google and Microsoft, recommend Decode and Conquer to PM job seekersHere s what readers sayYou ve helped many people in ways than you know I wish to do that someday in my own wayJust wanted to share my gratitude for your work Bought Decode Conquer and enjoying every page I am a Zimbabwean who has been living in China for the lastyears No direct PM experience but yourweek PM guide has been incredibly useful I have also been reading Decode and Conquerwhich has gotten me up to speed really fast Brilliant book I have just about finished your book Decode and Conquer and have found it to be enlightening I feel that I already have drastically reduced the amount of PM interviews that I would have failed with a deer in the headlights look on my faceLewis Lin is the best Just heard back from Uber, its a yes I had interviewed there twice before over the years, but it wasnt until I encountered Lewis, his materials, and this community that I was finally able to crack itYour books helped me when I first got the PM job at They again helped me refresh, alongside my gained experience, when I moved to Google That, as you know, is through an interview process thats notoriously one of the hardest in the industry The shared wisdom in the pages of the book even when I sometimes disagreed with the methods and answers was extremely helpful Concise and useful for learning about how to think and structure as a product manager Good resource for all. This is a great book on PM interviews insightful and practical This is one of two classics when it comes to PM interview prep, along with Cracking the PM Interview I remember reading this book years ago and decided to pick up the latest edition last week, as I am preparing to make my next career jump after 5 years as a Product Manager at Apple Sadly, the book is nearly identical to the previous black covered version even the typos and outdated examples remain unchanged.I think the biggest drawback of this book is for anything involving business strategy or open ended product questions, as there s next to no up to date examples included For this reason, I would recommend reading this book in conjunction with another book called Swipe to Unlock While Swipe to Unlock isn t a PM interview book, it was written by PMs at FAANG companies and it provides a hyper recent overview of the latest tech trends, strategies and key insights for everything important that happened in tech up till around late 2019 It also breaks down a lot of recent strategy questions involving all the top companies eg Why did Microsoft Acquire LinkedIn, Why does Uber continue to use Google Maps instead of building their own maps even as Google s self driving cards continue to make advancements, etcIn my opinion, if you own the previous edition of this book, it s definitely not worth buying the new edition However, if you haven t read this book, I think you should Although some of the examples are outdated, the overview of the different types of questions you might get asked along with the example questions and answers are still helpful to review Between reading Decode to Conquer and Swipe to Unlock, I have found myself extremely well prepared for all the PM interviews I have had thus far Google, Slack, Facebook and Pinterest. Helpful book, methodologies are great Would be helpful to have up to date content to reflect tech hiring in 2019 Tech hiring changes extremely quickly and different questions are asked now v 2013 This is the 2019 version, but it is quite outdated For example, the US population is no longer 315 million, and Uber has been an app for 7 years There are also numerous typos see photos Questions also feel very focused, which maybe isn t surprising given the author s company is in Seattle.