books pdf Designing and Deploying 802.11 Wireless Networks: A Practical Guide to Implementing 802.11n and 802.11ac Wireless Networks For Enterprise-Based Applications (2nd Edition) (Networking Technology) –

Designing and DeployingWireless Networks Second Edition A Practical Guide to Implementing n and ac Wireless Networks For Enterprise Based Applications Plan, deploy, and operate high performance ac and n wireless networks The new ac standard enables WLANs to deliver significantly higher performance Network equipment manufacturers have refocused on ac and n compliant solutions, rapidly moving older versions oftoward legacy status Now, theres a complete guide to planning, designing, installing, testing, and supporting ac and n wireless networks in any environment, for virtually any applicationJim Geier offers practical methods, tips, and recommendations that draw on his decades of experience deploying wireless solutions and shaping wireless standards He carefully introduces acs fundamentally different design, site survey, implementation, and network configuration techniques, helping you maximize performance and avoid pitfalls Geier organizes each phase of WLAN deployment into clearly defined steps, making the entire planning and deployment process easy to understand and execute He illuminates key concepts and methods through realistic case studies based on current Cisco products, while offering tips and techniques you can use with any vendors equipment To build your skills with key tasks, youll find several hands on exercises relying on free or inexpensive toolsWhether youre deploying an entirely new wireless network or migrating from older equipment, this guide contains all the expert knowledge youll need to succeed Jim Geier hasyears of experience planning, designing, analyzing and implementing communications, wireless, and mobile systems Geier is founder and Principal Consultant of Wireless Nets, Ltd providing wireless analysis and design services to product manufacturers He is also president, CEO, and co founder of Health Grade Networks, providing wireless network solutions to hospitals, airports, and manufacturing facilities His books include the first edition of Designing and Deploying n Wireless Networks Cisco Press as well as Implementing X Security Solutions and Wireless Networking Handbook Geier has been active in the IEEEWorking Group and Wi Fi Alliance has chaired the IEEE Computer Society Dayton Section and various conferences and served as expert witness in patent litigation related to wireless and cellular technologiesReview keyconcepts, applications, markets, and technologies Compare ad hoc, mesh, and infrastructure WLANs and their components Consider the impact of radio signal interference, security vulnerabilities, multipath propagation, roaming, and battery limitations Thoroughly understand todaysstandards in the context of actual network deployment and support Plan your deployment scoping, staffing, schedules, budgets, risks, feasibility analysis, and requirements Architect access networks and distribution system for maximum reliability, manageability, and performance Make the right tradeoffs and decisions to optimize range, performance, and roaming Secure WLANs via encryption, authentication, rogue AP detection, RF shielding, and policies Master design and site survey tools and methods for planning ac networks and migrations Efficiently install and test any ac or n wireless network Establish specialized support for wireless networks, including help desk operations Systematically troubleshoot connectivity, performance, and roaming issues Design efficient mesh networks and city wide deployments

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