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Companies that grew up on the web have changed our expectations of the services we rely on We demand simplicity, speed and low cost Organizations founded before the Internet aren t keeping up despite spending millions on IT, marketing and innovationThis book is a guide to building a digital institution It explains how a growing band of reformers in businesses and governments around the world have helped their organisations pivot to this new way of working, and what lessons others can learn from their experienceIt is based on the authors experience designing and helping to deliver the UK s Government Digital Service GDS The GDS was a new institution made responsible for the digital transformation of government, designing public services for the Internet era It snipped 4 billion off the government s technology bill, opened up public sector contracts to thousands of new suppliers, and delivered online services so good that citizens chose to use them over the offline alternatives, without a big marketing campaign Other countries and companies noticed, with the GDS model now being copied around the world.

8 thoughts on “Digital Transformation at Scale: Why the Strategy Is Delivery (Perspectives)

  1. Miss H L Knight Miss H L Knight says:

    This was an enjoyable and illuminating read It was a fascinating insight into the reality of large scale digital transformation with well chosen case studies It was both thought provoking and entertaining The author succeeded in balancing expertise with humility Highly recommend to anyone working in this sector.

  2. John Grant John Grant says:

    Digestible, and sometimes amusing, insights into a broad and challenging set of issues.Knowledge and information useful to practitioners, managers, researchers, and students.

  3. A. Reynolds A. Reynolds says:

    Recommended If you are looking for practical advice on transforming a large organisation read this book

  4. C Fleming C Fleming says:

    A wonderfully written and insightful guide Essential reading for any veteran or budding civic reformer.

  5. Steve Railton Steve Railton says:

    Having worked in digital government for some time, when I heard this book was in the making I waited with eager anticipation for its release I m glad to say I wasn t disappointed I read it from cover to cover in a day.The book is essential reading for anyone working in Digital Transformation in the UK and far beyond It shares critical lessons learned by some of the pioneers of the UK digital by default movement and lays out a clear and not so well trodden path to creating digital disruption and making positive changes stick It highlights some of the pitfalls and the blockers and offers sound advice on how to anticipate and overcome them.As someone leading a digital transformation in the UK government, it provided me with a strong sense of confidence in the approach we are taking whilst also reminding me of some of the key challenges ahead Priceless.If you are interested in how the UK government approached digital transformation, are currently involved in delivering it, or perhaps are planning how to start it, then reading this book will be time well spent.

  6. Mavmanc Mavmanc says:

    Wow This book is a goldmine of ideas, suggestions, practices, hints tips For many people working in Digital, the Government Digital Service, the Digital team at the Department for Work and Pensions and the Co op Digital Team actually made Digital product and service delivery a thing.Rather than a philosophical or strategic debate.If you work in a Digital team read it, and use what s good for you If you work in IT read it, this the new world order In the same way your landline telephone was replaced, your world has just pivoted.If you are a Business person read it, Digital isn t websites, it s service redesign, delivery, support and improvement but not as you know it.It won t always look like what s outlined in this book, but ignore it at your peril, the times they are a changing The future is already here.

  7. Andrew Joseph Greenway Andrew Joseph Greenway says:

    Incisive, thoughtful, and a helpful read for those who need to introduce digital transformation into moribund organisations Quite amusing too.

  8. Karl McIntyre Karl McIntyre says:

    A brilliant perspective at delivering on a large scale in an organisation resistant to change So many take aways from this boo, almost a blueprint of how to go about this in any organisation M