Prime DOCKER: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learn and Master DockerAuthor BRAYDEN SMITH –

It has got 1 star because minus 5 stars was not available This is literally a description of what Docker is NOT A GUIDE TO LEARN OR MASTER I ll be demanding a refund as this is clearly false advertising Useless Pessimo, evitate di comprarlo nn vale nulla Se fate una ricerca su internet Docker, basta leggere il primo articolo che trovate online per avere pi informazioni veramente deludente. As the header says might be easier to get concepts across with a diagram or two This for me lets the book down. Utile per capire cosa Docker, il suo funzionamento e i prodotti strumenti a corredo del motore stesso Una buona base di partenza per farsi una idea della tecnologia Non sono inclusi contenuti prettamente operativi, presente solo qualche comando, ma di sicuro una lettura propedeutica per i neofiti. LEARN DOCKER BEST WAYInnovation in todays fast paced and interconnected society comes directly from the software Developers need to be able to provide an intuitive, attractive, and easily accessible experience for their users in order to succeed Dockers modern platform can provide that kind of innovation to all of its users with its unique method of packaging up applications into isolated, independent, and contained environments in order to maximize their portability as well as their efficiency Docker has been referred to as The modern platform for high velocity innovation, and is currently the only independent container platform that can allow you to build, share, and even run any application easily and efficiently from anywhere you chooseOf course, there is a little bit to the Docker platform than simply this innovation Docker is a unique platform for a tool that can be called nothing short of a game changer Such a unique and innovative service like Docker and all of its various products and services will also inherently require a much higher amount of learning and adjustment in order to understand and master when compared to other similar services There can be a bit of a learning curve with new and complicated services like this one, and approaching it can even seem a little bit intimidating at firstThis is why this book exists This step by step guide to learning and mastering Docker is meant to help you do exactly what it says on the cover learn and master Docker This incredibly helpful book is meant to serve as your guide in understanding many of the various different products and services that Docker offers to its users, as well as a number of the different features that exist within those products and services and how to use them as effectively as possible in order to maximize the benefits of using this incredibly unique service Additionally, this book will go over all of the little ins and outs of the Docker platform and its various products and services, including some tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you even further in this goal This book will go over a number of different topics to give you all of the tools necessary to gain a complete understanding and mastery over Dockers various products and services These topics include things like the various reasons why you would and should choose Docker over any other possibly similar service as well as some short introductions and guides to many of the various products and services that docker offers to its users such as Docker Enterprise and Docker Desktop for Mac or Windows, and the Docker Hub This book will also go over many of the different features of Dockers various products and services, as well as how to actually use them at a fundamental level in order to help you to master this incredibly innovative platform for building and running applications as smoothly and efficiently as possible Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button Useless, the Book is only theory and explains about what Docker offers, or why it is so goodNothing new On dirait du copier coller d articles du web qui ne disent que des g n ralit s sans coh rence aucune. After reading the book and wondering why a low quality book has so many five star reviews I realized that these reviews are completely faked This book is not a quality resource The content is redundant, its 52 pages are filled with filler text, and I didn t learn anything that I didn t already know from five minutes on Google. You will get a bad written monograph, without figures, charts, or instructions This is not even a cheatsheet or a short overview It is all in narrative format It is very misleading They should take this out of circulation. Even if you re beginner in Docker, online Docker documentation will be much better than this book It is literally a text book full of filler text Lot of grammar errors, poor choice of words, and redundant contents between sub chapters All good reviews are fake After reading books from Packtpub then this, it is like day and night Do not buy this book.