Prime Experience-Centric Organization, The: How to win through customer experienceAutor Simon David Clatworthy –

Is your organization prepared for the next paradigm of customer experience, or will you be left behind This practical book will make you a winner in a market driven by experience, enabling you to develop desirable offerings and standout service to attract loyal customersAuthor Simon Clatworthy shows you how to transform your organization into one that aligns your customers experiential journey with platforms, organizational structures, and strategic alliances Rather than treat customer experience as an add on to product and service design, youll discover how experience centricity can drive the whole organizationLearn the five steps necessary to transform into an experience centric organizationExplore the underlying structure needed to design and deliver memorable experiencesUnderstand how customers and clients experience products and servicesDevelop experiential DNA as an extension of your brand DNABe proactive by translating cultural trends into experiences