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With its tutorial based approach, this is a practical guide to both hand and computer drawn design Readers will learn to think three dimensionally and build complex design ideas that are structurally sound and visually clear The book also illustrates how these basic skills underpin the use of computer aided design and graphic software While these applications assist the designer in creating physical products, architectural spaces and virtual interfaces, a basic knowledge of sketching and drawing allows the designer to fully exploit the software Foundational chapters show how these technical skills fit into a deeper and intuitive feeling for visualisation and representation, while featured case studies of leading designers, artists and architects illustrate the full range of different drawing options available Hundreds of hand drawn sketches and computer models have been specially created to demonstrate critical geometry and show how to build on basic forms and exploit principles of perspective to develop sketches into finished illustrations There s also advice on establishing context, shading and realizing complex forms

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  1. Shoes addict Shoes addict says:

    Thank you for my order I ve just started the book and I ve already learned a lot.

  2. Nadia Nadia says:

    It s a great book for a fashion student or someone who s starting his fashion styling career and wants to know about how things get done in this profession Not suitable for personal stylists or for someone who wants to learn how to actually style someone a model or an ordinary woman.

  3. Beth kay Beth kay says:

    It s the perfect book while studying a HND in fashion styling So many useful tips

  4. parenting-relationships.co Customer parenting-relationships.co Customer says:

    What a wonderful book, layout and photos are stunning This book is an absolute must for anyone starting out in the fashion industry.

  5. Miguel Angel Matamoros Garcia Miguel Angel Matamoros Garcia says:

    La calidad del contenido es buena.Sin embargo, resulta dif cil leer el PDF en Kindle, muy peque o todo.

  6. parenting-relationships.co-Kunde parenting-relationships.co-Kunde says:

    Loved reading this book as it provides important insights and tipps for every aspiring fashion stylist.

  7. Debbie615 Debbie615 says:

    Great reading to help becoming a fashion stylist Covers all areas of how, what s needed and why.

  8. jhamje jhamje says:

    Even if you are not in the fashion business, this is a fascinating book on how to succeed in life Highly recommended

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    Very good book

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