download Prime Flipping the Script: Bouncing Back from Life's Rock Bottom MomentsAuthor AJ Gibson –

Live through the hardships Life is complicated and messy, but every now and then, life gives you a syndicated talk show on a major network and then fires you for being all icing and no cake Then it sends your born again Christian sister to take you out to lunch on your birthday, only to tell you she suddenly believes you can pray the gay away and that you should ve used your time on the show you were just fired from to dofor Christ Then, because there s always another then , you receive a tax bill from Uncle Sam that almost sends you out your th floor bathroom windowliterallyLuckily, AJ Gibson chose to step back from that open window and share his struggles rather than succumb to them because, wellnot today, Satan He knows what it s like when life feels like a never ending roller coaster, and in his self help audiobook Flipping the Script, he doesn t sugarcoat the truth After all, this isn t Hollywood, errranyKnow you re not alone AJ s journey from a closeted gay boy from Ohio to that guy people kind of, sort of recognize from TV and Hollywood s biggest red carpets seems glossy, but the truth is anything but In Flipping the Script, AJ shows how his life has been a series of personal roadblocks and rock bottom moments Every time he thinks he s in the clear, he finds a new way to crash and burn Let s just say insecurity was once a pretty close friend of his, so he knows what you feel like whenever you find yourself scrolling social media comparing yourself to others Really, he does Luckily, he s a pretty smart guy and moderately witty, always finding his way out of life s rock bottom moments and you can, tooTurn bad situations around AJ has a gift for shifting his perspective, turning crappy situations around and finding a way to persevere each time the world seems to be telling him he was born to fail Through all of the mess, all of the hardships, he somehow manages to keep a smile on his face and a roof over his head even if he really has to stretch his dollar to do it He also knows we all have problems we have to work through, and he s here to help The true stories in Flipping the Script will make you laugh, encourage you to keep fighting for happiness, and inspire you to turn your own rock bottom moments into your proudest accomplishmentsFeel empowered AJ s Hollywood situation may be unique, but his struggles are definitely relatable After all, you d be hard pressed to find a person who has achieved success without problems especially in the LGBTQ community As a proud gay man working in the entertainment capital of the world, AJ s personal and professional stories will leave you feeling empowered and a little less defeated Flipping the Script will give you the strength to overcome your own personal roadblocks and live the life you were created to live