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NEW Textbook Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft To help project managers create forecast schedules, we have created an app called Forecast Scheduling App that checks the schedule and highlights the tasks or resources that wreck the forecasting power of the dynamic model of the project, with it project managers have a self help add in to realize these two principles in their project schedules On the flip side of the coin, this app also Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project Online Forecast Schedulingpages shows you how you can forecast your project with just the project schedule, even without Earned Value, Critical Chain or Agile Our Principle of Dynamic Scheduling states If one thing changes in your project, you should have to change only a single cell in the schedule Project Scheduling Software Forecast Automate project scheduling Kickstart your project with Forecast s Auto Schedule, which turns a rough list of tasks into a solid project plan in seconds The AI will estimate the task duration and suggest the best roles and people available to work on them, allowing you to weed out administrative time consuming work and focus onimportant things Forecast Scheduling MPUGForecast Scheduling Time Modeling with Project A Kindle eBook version of the NEW textbook Forecast Scheduling with Project Onlineavailable as of Marst,here The Kindle eBook costs USDof whichkeeps % NOTE Unlike for all our previous courses, as ProjectPro we decided NOT to ship paper books to course participants any longer because of the environment and COVIDYou can still buy the paper book from our website Scheduling Software with Forecasting GetApp Forecast organizes your team s schedule into visual plans that let you map out your upcoming projects and make smarter resourcing decisions Readabout Forecast Visit Website Compare DeputyStaff Scheduling, Time Attendance Time Clock More Create the perfect schedule for your employees using the smart data that matters most for your business, like availability, overtime Excellent reference for forecasting with Microsoft Project 2010 Clear and concise A key reference for anyone that needs to use MS Project for their job. I am a Raving Fan of Forecast Scheudling I have been developing Dynamic Schedules for many years When I first read the 2003 book, I told everyone I know that Eric gets it The approach works I have successfully modeled several key programs and projects Our schedules are presented to key stakeholders, Sr Executives and customers They convey confidence that we know what we are doing and will meet the dates of project More importantly the schedules are now the tool that project managers use to simulate future progress. Bought right when my job deployed EVM Half way through it I switched jobs but this has come in handy when doing research for scheduling. solid text some techniques could use clearer explanation and some clarification in 2 instances errant check boxes caused data to report incorrectly and I needed to supplement with internet research to figure out what was wrong Some exercises were very good such as the schedule compression ones.