Free Prime FrankenpoohAuthor Bruce Talkington –

It was cute Definitely not frightening at all.It was missing Eeyore And everyone knows that Eeyore is the best there is. Oh, bother When Piglet tries to tell a peaceful autumn story, it becomes a scary Halloween tale Before he can stop himself, mad scientist Piglet has created Frankenpooh The giant Pooh monster eats a lot honey than the original Pooh, but it s only a story Or is it An illustration of Frankenpooh stuffed into Piglet s house will leave readers wonderingWith just the right amount of spookiness, this light hearted tale is perfect reading for children who are in the spirit of Halloween, but aren t quite ready for a really scary story I didn t really like this book like I thought I would However I did like how comforting and kind Piglet s friends were to him toward the end The illustrations are great, typical Winnie the Pooh characters and drawings, but story wise it was meh I expected something different and I guess the book didn t reach my expectations. Piglet wants to tell a nice story but Tigger keeps interrupting and making it scary for Piglet Is reassured by his friends. I love this episode of the series How can I read this book without buying it