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SummaryGet Programming with F A guide for Developers shows you how to upgrade your development skills by adding a touch of functional programming in F In justbite sized chunks, you ll learn how to use F to tackle the most common programming tasksExamples use the familiar Visual Studio environment, so you ll be instantly comfortable Packed with enlightening examples, real world use cases, and plenty of easy to digest code, this easy to follow tutorial will make you wonder why you didn t pick up F years ago FForewords by Dustin Campbell of Microsoft and Tomas Petricek of fsharpWorks Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications About the Technology Your applications need to be good for the long haul F s unique blend of functional and imperative programming is perfect for writing code that performs flawlessly now and keeps running as your needs grow and change It takes a little practice to master F s functional first style, so you may as well get programmingAbout the BookGet Programming with F A guide for developers teaches F throughexample based lessons with built in exercises so you can learn the only way that really works by practicing The book upgrades your skills with a touch of functional programming in F You ll pick up core FP principles and learn techniques for iron clad reliability and crystal clarity You ll discover productivity techniques for coding F in Visual Studio, functional design, and integrating functional and OO codeWhat s Inside Learn how to write bug free programsTurn tedious common tasks into quick and easy onesUse minimal code to work with JSON, CSV, XML, and HTML dataIntegrate F with your existing C and VB applicationsCreate web enabled applications About the Reader Written for intermediate C and Visual Basic developers No experience with F is assumed About the Author Isaac Abraham is an experienced developer and trainer He s an F MVP for his contributions to the community Table of Contents UnitF AND VISUAL STUDIOLessonThe Visual Studio experienceLessonCreating your first F programLessonThe REPL changing how we developUnitHELLO F LessonSaying a little, doing a lotLessonTrusting the compilerLessonWorking with immutable dataLessonExpressions and statementsLessonCapstone UnitTYPES AND FUNCTIONSLessonShaping data with tuplesLessonShaping data with recordsLessonBuilding composable functionsLessonOrganizing code without classesLessonAchieving code reuse in F LessonCapstone UnitCOLLECTIONS IN F LessonWorking with collections in F LessonUseful collection functionsLessonMaps, dictionaries, and setsLessonFolding your way to successLessonCapstone UnitTHE PIT OF SUCCESS WITH THE F TYPE SYSTEMLessonProgram flow in F LessonModeling relationships in F LessonFixing the billion dollar mistakeLessonBusiness rules as codeLessonCapstone UnitLIVING ON THE PLATFORMLessonConsuming C from F LessonWorking with NuGet packagesLessonExposing F types and functionsto C LessonArchitecting hybrid language applicationsLessonCapstone UnitWORKING WITH DATALessonIntroducing type providersLessonBuilding schemas from live dataLessonWorking with SQLLessonCreating type provider backed APIsLessonUsing type providers in the real worldLessonCapstone UnitWEB PROGRAMMINGLessonAsynchronous workflowsLessonExposing data over HTTPLessonConsuming HTTP dataLessonCapstone UnitUNIT TESTINGLessonUnit testing in F LessonProperty based testing in F LessonWeb testingLessonCapstone UnitWHERE NEXT Appendix A The F communityAppendix B F in my organizationAppendix C Must visit F resourcesAppendix D Must have F librariesAppendix E Other F language features

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