Best Information Management: Setting the Scene (Perspectives on Information Management (S627))Autor Ard Huizing –

Now that ICT has become ubiquitous and many technology related activities are sourced from outside companies, information managements identity has become the subject of much debate Moreover, the interrelatedness of business, society and ICT adds to the management of information systems the need to understand what the true value of information is for managers, politicians, employees, customers, business partners and society at large Hence, the focus of information management is shifting away from the management of ICT and sophisticated data production to superior information use Setting the scene for tomorrow, this first volume in the new book series Perspectives on Information Management provides a highly needed vocabulary to discuss information management s present state and the need to develop a new identity that better fits current timesIt presents an integrative framework for information management, it puts information management in an historical context, it critically examines the assumptions underlying information management, and delves deeply into four current and core issues in the field ICT, strategy and identity ICT out sourcing customer oriented innovation and designing information and organizations Featuring seminal contributions to these topics from leading authorities in the field, this volume is targeted at information practitioners, academic researchers and higher education teachers It is written by leading international scholars and industry experts It presents cutting edge innovative research material on information management It covers past, present and future trends and critically examines the assumptions underlying information management

2 thoughts on “Information Management: Setting the Scene (Perspectives on Information Management (S627))

  1. Martijn Martijn says:

    It s an interesting book about information management and the change that it is making, but it goes a bit too much in history and theory sometimes

  2. Customer Customer says:

    good conditions