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I found this book very interesting The author has clearly spent a lot of time researching the subject and weaves in some fascinating examples For me, the Leonardo Da Vinci example was the most fascinating along with a clear breakdown of the biology of the brain and how the different parts work.Read this book if you want a greater understanding of how your thinking works and how to improve thinking patterns and habits It s not a typical mindfulness book, which although an interesting subject, tends to be written about again and again I haven t read a book just on thinking before so was pleased with this original work. Greater book full of wisdom it was great pleasure to have choose this simple and complete thank you to yo A good book that explains how your brain works in a simple way and how you can utilise to get most out of it Easy to read in one sitting. It was a fast read, with large print I read it in 3 hours I made the mistake of judging a book by its cover It references Stephen Covey s Seven Habits and DK s thinking fast thinking slow If you ve read these there is really nothing knew A simple approach for a beginner but not enough content for me I was disappointed. Easy read Get rid of thinking errorslearn to think intelligently, understand situations intuitively, make smarter decisions and transform your career, relationship and life Do you find yourself trapped in self sabotaging thinking patterns and miss out on great opportunities Do you wonder why despite good intentions you often struggle to solve problems How would your life change if you can independently observe and learn the art of thinking clearly What if you could learn the most effective techniques followed by great thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, and business legends like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett Imagine having access to a fully loaded toolbox with sharpest thinking tool you could use to analyze every situation holistically Imagine your confidence boosting up if you master the effective thinking techniques followed by the high performers and get things done faster Intelligent Thinking is your succinct guide with the most effective thinking strategies though a few might sound counterintuitive to help you learn how to think intelligently Here is what you will learn in Intelligent Thinking How human brain operates and how precisely thinking process works within our mind How Elon Musk transformed himself from an internet multimillionaire to a space rocket industry leader with this first principle thinking How your thinking abilities are not dependent on your IQ and what matters most as per Warren Buffett Different types of thinking people follow check where do you find yourself Most common cognitive biases that trip you up for making irrational, illogical decisions and triggered by your emotions Understand the power of neuroplasticity that allows you to change the way you think Beware of your thinking patterns marketers misuse to sell you of what you never wanted How thinking about failing in a particular way can help you better prepared for success know the technique of inversion thinking First order thinking vs second order thinking how thinkers do a deep work in thinking How integrative thinking can create a whole blue ocean of possibilities Learn how this type of thinking invented shopping cart and how rolling suitcases got invented out of a particular type of thinking Understand how to think like Leonardo da Vinci by knowing about seven approaches he used to improve his intelligence The world we have created is a product of our thinking it cannot be changed without changing our thinking Albert Einstein Intelligent Thinking is for anyone and everyone who is convinced about the limitless potential of human mind and is sincerely looking for the ways to become an intelligent thinker