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The Arctic islands are characterized by beautiful mountains and glaciers, in which the wildlife lives in delicate balance with its environment It is a fragile region with a long history of exploration and exploitation that is now experiencing rapid environmental change All of these themes are explored in Islands of the Arctic, a richly illustrated volume with superb photographs from the Canadian Arctic archipelago, Greenland, Svalbard and the Russian Arctic It begins with the various processes shaping the landscape glaciers, rivers and coastal processes, the role of ice in the oceans and the weather and climate Julian Dowdeswell and Michael Hambrey describe the flora and fauna in addition to the human influences on the environment, from the sustainable approach of the Inuit, to the devastating damage inflicted by hunters and issues arising from the presence of military security installations Finally, they consider the future prospects of the Arctic islands Julian Dowdeswell is Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute and Professor of Physical Geography at he University of Cambridge He received the Polar Medal from Queen Elizabeth for his contributions to the study of glacier geophysics and the Gill Memorial Award from the Royal Geographical Society He is chair of the Publications Committee of the International Glaciological Society and head of the Glaciers and Ice Sheets Division of the International Commission for Snow and Ice Michael Hambrey is Director of the Centre for Glaciology at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth A past recipient of the Polar Medal, he was also given the Earth Science Editors Outstanding Publication Award for Glaciers Cambridge University Press Hambrey is also the author of Glacial Environments British Columbia,

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