[pdf] Journey to the Core of the Body & Mind: Character Systems and Body Psychotherapy (English Edition)Author Jorge Galindo Molina – Avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de

In Journey to the Core of the Body , teacher and body psychotherapist Jorge Galindo, invites us to come closer to the study and work with the character systems that were proposed by Dr John Pierrakos in his work approach This book parts from a premise if you are your body, the history of your life shows there And its happening in this moment and can be explored through the guide these character maps provide It has the intention to serve both bodywork professionals, as those who want to knowabout body psychotherapy With this intention it is presented three chapters The first chapter is a guide of knowledge and diagnosis for every character system, going from each developmental stage to how it works in adult life It includes anatomical models to help you identify how the character system shows in the bodyThe second chapter proposes therapeutic objectives and suggests intervention techniques for every character, as a resource repertoire to support the growth process Finally, in the third chapter, it proposes a work vision from a transpersonal perspectiveThe relationship between your body and your mind is constant and lasting In this book you will find clues and maps to better understand it