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Great price on a good book I ve always liked this edition because it seems to have information about statistics than the 5th edition. Perhaps the finest book on quality ever written now updated to give managers the know how they need to manage for quality through the next decade Since publication of the third edition of Juran s classic in , the entire field of quality control has undergone a series of unprecedented changes due largely tointensified competition, which has resulted in huge loses in market shares and massive exports of jobs andexpanded government regulation, with accompanying growth in the number of lawsuits and the size of the awards This updated and revised new edition offers, in ready reference form, the know how managers need in industry today and in the years ahead to keep their quality competitive at minimum cost Good and interesting book. This is the book to have if you work in QA or are thinking about working in QA. Great I mey Juran when he was in his mid 70 s A perfect timeless classic Juran s famous handbook uses different authors in different editions so you can get perspective by comparing, for example, SPC section from version 3,4,5 etc. A very comprehensive guide to the topic of quality by one of the true fathers of the subject A useful eference guide Dont be mislead by the picture or the title, this should be called Jurans two hand book because it is massive.Besides that though it is an excellent reference source for anyone studying or working in Quality Control.