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BRING THE TECHNIQUES OF THE STAGE TO THE BOARDROOM For than a decade, Belle Linda Halpern and Kathy Lubar have applied the lessons and expertise they have learned as performing artists to the work of their company, The Ariel Group Halpern and Lubar have helped tens of thousands of executives at major companies around the country and the globe, including General Electric, Mobil Oil, Capital One, and Deloitte In Leadership Presence, they make their time tested strategies available to everyone, from high profile CEOs to young professionals seeking promotion Their practical, proven approach will enable you to develop the skills necessary to inspire confidence, command respect, build credibility, and motivate others Halpern and Lubar teach you How to handle tough situations with heightened confidence and flexibility How to build your relationships to enhance collaboration and business development How to express yourself dramatically and motivate others How to integrate your personal values into communication to inspire others and become a effective leader Learning the skills of the true performance experts, readers will understand why Leadership Presence is the key to dynamic and authentic leadership

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  1. Catherine Catherine says:

    Waiting to share with peers

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    This is a great book that allows the reader to see leadership in a new light The insights into the correlation between an actor and a leader are fascinating The insights into self awareness allow the reader to understand why he or she may not be a good speaker or may not be expressing him or herself in the most effective manner and how to change these habits.

  3. Loyd Eskildson Loyd Eskildson says:

    Genuine leadership requires than putting on the trappings of power It requires the ability to find a magnetic core that draws together a fragmented audience In essence, the leader is able to create community The authors tell us that leadership is a role, a part that a person plays, and the writer who seems to know the most about leadership was also a man of the theater William Shakespeare All of Shakespeare s tragedies, history plays, and even a number of his comedies are about the rise and fall of leaders.Great actors have it, and great political leaders do too, as well as great business executives They are compelling individuals who attract your attention almost effortlessly What is it they have They have presence Most people think of presence as the ability to command the attention of others But commanding attention is only one outcome of presence, not its essence Presence is the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others.The premise of the book is that presence can be developed and you will be a effective leader when you invest some time and energy toward that goal The author s purpose is to describe how anyone can increase their presence Presence comes from within Actors success depends on presence they must excite us when they stop onstage, or they will fail Actors and leaders share some skills and characteristics However, there are many items needed by leaders that are not needed by actors creating a great vision of the future, skill in negotiating, the ability to plan and coordinate, and the courage to make decisions that change lives and direction.You don t need a title to lead a leader is anyone who tries to move a group towards a particular results But you do need presence Applying leadership presence may occur through persuading a reluctant recruit he has what it takes to charge up a hill, convincing investors to fund your great idea, negotiating a complex contract that benefits all sides.Leaders need to be present, and being physically present is the fundamental meaning of that term It also means than just physical presence it includes being focused totally and completely on what is happening right here and now, giving people your full attention so they feel recognized and motivated When someone comes into your office unexpectedly, stop what you re doing and turn to face the person and make eye contact Smile Decide if you re able to talk right then or schedule a meeting later When you do meet, turn off computer applications and the phone Sit up straight Make jokes lightheartedness helps Focus on your goal, rather than the reaction of the audience Make the audience feel comfortable.

  4. S. M. Johnston S. M. Johnston says:

    I came across this book because one of the authors, Belle Linda Halpern, was one of my singing coaches A talented musical storyteller and interpreter of cabaret song, she s also a savvy business woman and communication trainer She helps business leaders apply performance skills to their presenting and organizational communication Leadership Presence shares her ideas through the experiences of those she has worked with.The paradox of great performance is that it requires authenticity and vulnerability For a performance to work, it can t be performed but must be grounded in real character, feelings, and values Belle Linda gets this and shares it with those fortunate enough to learn from her.As I become and involved in coaching presenters, I m rereading this book, published in 2003, and finding it even valuable the second time around I d say it s well worth the investment of time to gain the authors valuable perspective.

  5. Bill Bill says:

    The ad stated why buy new also it states No blemishes, marks or creases Pages are crisp and white. and never notes that the book had many pages that were highlighted and marked If it were yellow highlights, I may have gotten over it, but they were blue making it difficult to read Very disappointing.

  6. Rudi Zimmerer Rudi Zimmerer says:

    I love this book, because it describes in easy step to become a good speaker Do you know that a good speaker should be vulnerable and not a Super confident person without feelings We should be also authentic, passionate for the things what we promote and at least funny.

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    Good quality

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    good book

  9. Customer Customer says:

    Good griefanother presence dud.Apparently, this genre is a scam ridden cesspool of faking it til you make it acting lesson commercials.

  10. Sheila Masley Sheila Masley says:

    Excellent book on leadership

  11. M. Hansen M. Hansen says:

    Very valuable contribution to the often overlooked detail of how body language and mental presence go hand in hand.I got it as a mandatory course reading, but to be honest, I use it for work and daily life.

  12. Jedidiah Jedidiah says:

    The books feels like of a marketing book I never finished it, but got about halfway through it It s okay.

  13. chris ortega chris ortega says:

    This book is extremely thought provoking What s most interesting is how it makes you dig deep within yourself I also love the style of writing easy to read and no psycho babble I give it my highest rating for a book because of how it encourages me to be a good human.

  14. Shannon Gilbert Shannon Gilbert says:

    This book has been very helpful It teaches how to lead with the sense of authority people are looking for but may not be reading in you.

  15. Ridgeback Ridgeback says:

    During the past year I have researched six books, purchased them and read them with the goal of improving myself All of them are good and I would recommend any one of them.Leadership Presence is the one that inspires me to follow the advice, do the exercises, learn and apply.It is the book that I will use and re use for the remainder of my leadership development process.