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Through literary works and public appearances, Edith Bruck, bornin Hungary, has devoted her life to bearing witness to what she experienced in the Nazi concentration camps Inshe settled in Rome and is today the most prolific writer of Holocaust narrative in Italian The book is composed in two parts Letter to My Mother an imaginary dialogue between Bruck and her mother, who died in Auschwitz probes the question of self identity, the pain of loss and displacement, the power of language to help recover the past, and the ultimate impossibility of that recovery Traces, a story of a journey without return, completes the diptych Bruck s experimental fusion of memoir and fiction portrays the Holocaust from a female perspective and highlights the role of gender in the creation of memory

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  1. Natalie Natalie says:

    Tough read because of the lack of chapters sections and the fact that it s written like a stream of thoughts rather than a traditional, linear flow of ideas.