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Merryn Somerset Webb, star of Channels hit series Superscrimpers , shows you how to face the future with both money and confidence in this financial bible for sassy women Money may not buy you love but it certainly helps with life s other little luxuries From shopping sprees to pension plans, ISAs to investments, money plays a crucial role in our present and future comfort We may not like to admit it, but diamonds or cold, hard cash really can be a girl s best friend So why, when women have much to celebrate, are we reluctant to talk about it Why, when we havewealth in our own names than ever before, do women take less interest in money than men And why do we still feel that demonstrating an interest in finance is somehowunfeminine Because let s face it for most of us, Prince Charming and his bank balance just aren t coming If we want to secure our futures we re going to have to do it ourselves The good news is that it s not hard to do Dealing with our personal finances is much, much easier than the financial industry would have us believe Women tend to make better investors than men too our instincts, so to speak, are on the money All we need is a bit of know how and the confidence to put it into practice Combining years of financial expertise with a healthy dose of scepticism and an easy sense of humour, Merryn Somerset Webb s sharp, witty and appealing guide to personal wealth for sassy women provides the answers Whether you re drowning in debt, negotiating a higher salary or tackling the thorny issue of a pre nup, just one read through and you ll be in a position to sort your finances out for good, transforming them from a constant worry into a source of peace of mind