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Get the practical reference for using Visual Studio Team System in your software development lifecycleand maximize project success Designed for software project managers, this book offers straightforward product information and expert insights for collaborating with architects, developers, and testers in one integrated development environment Discover how to use Team System to Support key activities from the Project Management Book of Knowledge PMBOK Set up your team project using Microsoft Solutions Framework process templates Manage project activities, requirements, and risks Monitor and control scope, cost, schedule, and quality Customize role based work items, queries, reports, and iterations Create a process improvement framework and fine tune development efforts PlusLearn details of Agile development and Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI

2 thoughts on “Managing Projects with Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System

  1. Doug Doug says:

    TFS2005 8 soon becomes an essential to Development using VS2005 8 now you wonder how you ever did anything useful without it.Getting there is a differnt matter as is doing it well.Are you really donting to change your entire business to fit into a product or are you going to adapt TFS to your needs TFS is scalable and you dont have to use all of it at once, but which bit first The first area is Source Control which is far better that source safe or Perforce, then there is the WorkItem system so what are the set of changes that have been included in a build So you might want to use the query part of TFS to trace back again the Change Management part of the system to see when something was intorduced which has caused a problem down the road and undo it TFS intergrates a load of standard tools you may use seprately eg NUnit, FXCop, MS Build, NDoc etc But there value is how this is joined into a a check in policy and automated builds.This flexiblity is profound.So how do you manage your team that may have home workers that may have Globally Outsourced parts to your project, how do you link that back to the WorkItems that you have linked into MS Project, how do you have triggers on KPI, what do all the graphs and reports mean, and when you get them what do you do about it.This is why you need to reaf this book.

  2. Fabio M. C. Castro Fabio M. C. Castro says:

    This book helped me with ideas that put in practice, provided new ideas of as it manages projects with VSTS For me it was useful.