Prime Master PowerShell Tricks (Volume Book 2)Author Dave Kawula –

North American MVPDays Community RoadshowThe purpose of this book is to showcase the amazing expertise of our guest speakers at the North American MVPDays Community Roadshow They have so much passion, expertise, and expert knowledge that it only seemed fitting to write it down in a book MVPDays was founded by Cristal and Dave Kawula back inIt started as a simple idea Theres got to be a good way for Microsoft MVPs to reach the IT community and share their vast knowledge and experience in a fun and engaging way I mean, what is the point in recognizing these bright and inspiring individuals, and not leveraging them to inspire the community that they are a part ofWe often get asked the question Who should attend MVPDays Anyone that has an interest in technology, is eager to learn, and wants to meet other like minded individuals This Roadshow is not just for Microsoft MVPs it is for anyone in the IT CommunityMake sure you check out the MVPDays website at mvpdays You never know maybe the roadshow will be coming to a city near youThe goal of this particular book is to give you some amazing Master PowerShell tips from the experts you come to see in person at the MVPDays Roadshow Each chapter is broken down into a unique tip and we really hope you find some immense value in what we have writtenStructure of the BookChapterin this chapter Thomas Rayner shows use Regex to a values between quotation marks ChapterThomas Rayner shows how to send an Email whenever a file gets changedChapterThomas Rayner demonstrates add groups to accept messages only from distribution list membersChaptersin this chapter Allan Rafuse shows us how to install and find PowerShell modulesChapterAllan Rafuse will show you how to use PowerShell to validate parametersChapterAllan Rafuse demonstrates how to prepare a SQL Server installation using PowerShellChapterin this chapter Dave Kawula shows how to provision Gold VHDx images using PowerShell from an ISOChapterWill Anderson uses Try Catch to help make decisions inside of a PowerShell scriptChapterWill Anderson shows a cool PowerShell technique to remotely invoke the SCCM Client using PowerShellChapterEd Wilson and Will Anderson show us how to use PowerShell to parse RSS FeedsChapterWill Anderson shows us how to alter the Public IP Address of an Azure Virtual Machine using PowerShellChapterIn this quick master tip Will Anderson show us how to get the Public IP Address of an Azure Virtual Machine using PowerShellChapterWill Anderson takes us for a lap around PowerShell Desired State Configuration DSC ChapterWill Anderson shows us how to configure resources with PowerShell Desired State Configuration DSC Chapterin this chapter Mick Pletcher shows how to configure SCCM Endpoint full System Scans upon infection with Email AlertingChapterMick Pletcher shows how to for mandatory reboots using SCCM and PowerShellChapterMick Pletcher shows how to install Windows Features with validation with his custom scriptChapterThomas Rayner is back to show you how to easily restore a deleted Active Directory user with PowerShellChapterThomas Rayner shows how to report on Large Exchange mailbox folders with PowerShellChapterThomas Rayner walks you through a trick to report on the largest Exchange mailboxes using PowerShellChapterThomas Rayner introduces you to Just Enough Administration JEA ChapterThomas Rayner helps us figure out if a string starts or ends with a certain characterChapterin this chapter Thomas helps us list all of the fonts in a word document using PowerShellChapterSean Kearney shows how to find PowerShell scripts inside of the Windows GUIChapterSean Kearney demonstrates how we can use PowerShell as an Administrative ConsoleChapterSean Kearney shows how to erase files based on date using PowerShell

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