Free eBook Mastering Windows Server 2019: The complete guide for IT professionals to install and manage Windows Server 2019 and deploy new capabilities, 2nd EditionAuthor Jordan Krause –

Enhance and secure your data center with the latest Microsoft Server platformKey FeaturesDevelop skills to design and implement Microsoft Serverin an enterprise environmentSupport your medium to large enterprise with the latest features by Microsoft Server Administer Windows Servereffectively with the help of practical examplesBook DescriptionWith everything from a clean interface to flexibility in using Server Manager from almost anywhere, Windows Serverhas a lot to offer to administrators and IT professionals This updated edition is designed to help you understand the essential concepts related to implementing and using this platform for your data center computing needsYou ll begin by installing and managing Server , before moving on to gaining clarity on the common points of confusion surrounding versions and licensing of this new product Since centralized management, monitoring, and configuration of servers is key to an efficient IT department, you ll discover multiple methods for quickly managing all your servers from a single pane of glass the ability to monitor different servers across a network using Server Manager from anywhere Even though this book is focused on Windows ServerLTSC, you ll still be able to explore containers and Nano Server, which are commonly related to the SAC channel This additional coverage will give you insights into all aspects of using Windows Server in your environment Finally, you ll explore various remote access technologies available in this operating system, and guidelines for virtualization of your data center with Hyper V By the end of this book, you ll have the skills to implement and manage Windows efficientlyWhat you will learnWork with the updated Windows Serverinterface, including Server Core and Windows Admin CenterSecure your network and data with new technologies in Windows Server Learn about containers and understand when to use Nano ServerDiscover new ways to integrate your data center with Microsoft AzureLearn how to reinforce and secure your Windows Servers Virtualize your data center with Hyper VExplore Server Manager, PowerShell, and the new Windows Admin Center, formerly known as Project Honolulu

8 thoughts on “Mastering Windows Server 2019: The complete guide for IT professionals to install and manage Windows Server 2019 and deploy new capabilities, 2nd Edition

  1. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This book serves as a great introduction to server 2019 The authors writing style is warm and funny at times It touches and many topics and gives lots of first time instructions but shouldn t be considered an exhaustive reference manual It also contains lots of exercises so your best getting a good spec win10 pro laptop and running up some servers in Hyper V to follow along.All in all a good read.

  2. Winkeye Winkeye says:

    This book is designed for entry level server integrators Does not go into the details of the configuration Mostly about the why and where you find the features Not really master the config but master the why you need it Not a IT pro config tool but great for IT beginners read I bought this book to swerve around the need for MS 2019 server offerings information as MS tech docs are lacking 2019 specific detail, as of 3 qtr 2019 2016 servers data still hold the links of the tech net This is not that fill in the gap book, at least this version The author provides a great why approach in easy terms and would be valuable read to IT related fields as well.

  3. ED ED says:

    Nice book that go over win 2019 features like win 2019 for dummies.It is like overview of some of the win 2019 features, than a book that take you inside, and help you explore, and configure features

  4. Bob Musser Bob Musser says:

    You need to read this cover to cover You ll be in one chapter focused on Hyper V or something, and find great tid bits on new networking tools when he rambles off into helpful advice I run quite a few servers with Hyper V spread over multiple locations, and still learned a great deal from reading this book twice.

  5. A. Abreu A. Abreu says:

    An excellent perusal on Windows Server 2019 to keep any Systems Administrator aware of best practice methods for utilizing this great and stable OS A great read and well recommended

  6. AAHenderson AAHenderson says:

    The author has a delightful writing style, and comes off as a trusted mentor rather than the typical dry IT book I am an experienced IT professional and this is just the thing I need to get me ready for the journey to Server 2019 Will definitely seek out this author in the future.

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    Great book

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    Great book and learning a lot