Best MDM: Fundamentals, Security, and the Modern Desktop: Using Intune, Autopilot, and Azure to Manage, Deploy, and Secure Windows 10 –

The first major book on MDM written by Group Policy and Enterprise Mobility MVP and renowned expert, Jeremy Moskowitz With Windows , organizations can create a consistent set of configurations across the modern enterprise desktopfor PCs, tablets, and phonesthrough the common Mobile Device Management MDM layer MDM gives organizations a way to configure settings that achieve their administrative intent without exposing every possible setting One benefit of MDM is that it enables organizations to apply broader privacy, security, and application management settings through lighter and efficient tools MDM also allows organizations to target Internet connected devices to manage policies without using Group Policy GP that requires on premises domain joined devices This makes MDM the best choice for devices that are constantly on the go With Microsoft making this shift to using Mobile Device Management MDM , a cloud based policy management system, IT professionals need to know how to do similar tasks they do with Group Policy, but now using MDM, with its differences and pitfalls What is MDM and how is it different than GP Setup Azure AD and MDM Auto Enrollment New PC Rollouts and Remote Refreshes Autopilot and Configuration Designer Enterprise State Roaming and OneDrive Documents Roaming Renowned expert and Microsoft Group Policy and Enterprise Mobility MVP Jeremy Moskowitz teaches you MDM fundamentals, essential troubleshooting techniques, and how to manage your enterprise desktops

6 thoughts on “MDM: Fundamentals, Security, and the Modern Desktop: Using Intune, Autopilot, and Azure to Manage, Deploy, and Secure Windows 10

  1. AJ AJ says:

    This book is useful for both real world task and exam preparation

  2. Kage.Maru Kage.Maru says:

    I would highly recommend this book for those working with Microsoft s MDM solution, Intune Moskowitz is a fun author who definitely makes a typically dry subject very interesting and engaging Not only is it a good reference for the topics, but I also find it to be a good MD 101 reference as well In fact, I would say it s better than Microsoft s official exam reference Highly recommended and I see it as a great investment and addition to my IT library After reading this, I really want to pick up his Group Policy book too Kudos to Jeremy Moskowitz on making an excellent book.

  3. Zignon Zignon says:

    then check out this book Working with the Intune service daily I get to see the practical uses of the service and where people make mistakes or need assistance True technology books are almost out of date as soon as they are released but this one will live for quite a bit of time at least for the basics and the understanding of Intune I highly recommend his book for anyone working with Microsoft Intune no capital T in Intune ie not InTune

  4. Malcolm Sims Malcolm Sims says:

    Was able to get through the his book on a four day business trip and was not disappointed We are in the first phases of rolling out intune and this book provided and easy to follow guide for getting up to speed on mdms in general Have already started recommending to other team members Will definitely keep on the shelf

  5. Chris Rendall Chris Rendall says:

    This is another great book by Jeremy I learned so much about MDM and managing Windows 10 using Intune from this book If you are looking for a great resource on deploying and managing Windows 10 with MDM, Intune and Autopilot, buy this book

  6. David S. David S. says:

    Great combination of conceptual and practical advice An authoritative source for using Intune on Windows 10.