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Combine the power of Excel 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and sound project management tools to boost your skill set and maximize your productivity You ll walk through a project and learn how to use these powerful tools to schedule jobs, create budgets, manage processes, and share project information Whether new to project management or a veteran, you ll discover techniques, hints, and examples you can use immediately.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for Project Managers

  1. Ew Ew says:

    Bought for my student grandson who is doing a Proj Management BSc degree He finds it easy to understand and uses it on a regular basis to help his undersatanding of the IT side of his course Good value technical Excel book.

  2. cara moore cara moore says:

    Comprehensive book on using excel for project management applications Very readable, packed with information that could be instantly applied to help a project run smoothly.

  3. Ralph B. Ralph B. says:

    I am a certified PMP and own many books on Project management The book is very misleading in terms of excel and Project Management Three fourths of the book explains what Project Management is I found useful templates from Microsoft Also the included templates the book provides online are exraordinarily rudimentary.

  4. Mark A. Parrish Mark A. Parrish says:

    As a PMP, and a Wiley customer for years I find that this book provides me with no value and is a big disappointment Clearly it was not written by project managers that would use this in the real world since the samples do not even work in calculating the sheets properly This book doesn t tell you how to do the forms in Excel but shows you a form and says what it does Wow would that be nice if a book on Excel taught you how to create the form with Excel These are forms that could have been done in Word There is nothing in this book that requires Excel And even less to do with Sharepoint.The calculations are simplistic on the workbooks and not checked Just sums and averages The book is full of errors that refer to things that are not in the examples and cannot be followed IF THE AUTHORS WERE PM s THEY WOULD HAVE CHECKED THEIR WORK The downloaded samples that come from the website are horrible and only provide basic data that you can set up on your own They conveniently left out the gantt chart from the samples that come with the book The reason I purchased it, since it looked most promising Also the charts and many others are not included even though the cover says all are provided.The network diagrams do not take into account dependencies when figuring forward and backward passes And they refer to data not in the sample graphic.Do not buy this book It is really bad and not for project managers.

  5. tjw tjw says:

    Very disappointing I d guess 70% deals with Sharepoint MOSS, rather than Excel The PM discussions are a mix of PMP PMBOK and overly simplistic management guidelines Most EXCEL techniques how to can be found by easy web search.