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As with all the Bible series easily understandable and very comprehensiveexcellent. Good book and examples. Ho acquistato questo libro il 9 novembre Il venditore, Deal IT, ha spedito l 11 novembre con finestra di consegna che scadeva il 9 dicembre Alla data del 10 dicembre, non avendo ancora ricevuto il libro, scrivo al fornitore che, non riuscendo a tracciare il pacco, il giorno dopo 11dicembre mi riaccredita il totale della somma spesa Lo stesso giorno, nemmeno a farlo apposta, mi viene consegnato il libro Massima seriet e ringraziamenti al venditore al quale ovviamente ho annullato la procedura di rimborso Great product Thanks This book has quite a wealth of material on MS Project 2007 I ve used it several times already to help debug or turn on various items in my project plans which helped me as a Project Manager Only two areas where improvements would help this book would be to beef up the index section a bit quite often I had to fumble around it a bit to find material in the body of this rather large book Also a few PMBOK related ties such as reporting and tracking information would have been nice to have When a Project Manager is finding something of use in the PMBOK, it would be nice to go to the index section of this guide and quickly find steps needed to generate that report or calculated value within MS Project 2007 Otherwise a great book to have as a reference guide. love it. Take control of your projects with this in depth guide Whether you re managing a project for a small team or supervising a corporate assignment involving hundreds, the power of Microsoft Projectand the detailed information in this comprehensive guide can keep you on track From setting budgets to allocating resources to tracking results, each of the book s seven parts thoroughly focuses on key elements in a logical sequence so you can find what you need Identify your goals and the scope of your projects Manage projects across organizations and multiple locations Get the most out of Gantt charts and views Assign tasks, check progress, and make adjustments Issue interim reports and look at the Big Picture Create a custom HTML page with VBA and VBScript Import and export Project information What s on the CD ROM You ll find a wealth of trial versions, demo software, sample projects, and bonus appendixes on the CD ROM, including Milestones Professional r Advanced formatting, calculation, Web publishing, and reporting features PERT Chart Expert Create eye opening PERT chart project plans PlanView r Project Portfolio Management A comprehensive decision making platform for enterprises WBS Chart Pro Plan your projects with these graphing tools System Requirements See the CD ROM Appendix for details and complete system requirements Note CD ROM DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file This book is comprehensive and covers everything the advanced user will need I am very glad I purchased it Thanks. A valuable resource for novice and advanced users Sufficiently organized to allow one to navigate directly to a specific topic and glean concise information Screen shots and detailed explanation are also helpful.