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I just have to give this book 4 star Truly raw shit, this book shows how he transformed his life 180 degree through consistent hard work and sheer belief I just finished this book, now I feel like I know different Jeffy Reading this book in 2019 feels like I read the history of game in a different way You just get a jest of how game is done and executed but for sure this book contains good infield reports which is very interesting and entertaining I must say this book is a little bit biased toward Real Social Dynamics, no worries I wonder if Jeffy met Mystery and style May be he had met them but didn t mention them may be because of RSD He only talks about meeting RSD people but If he would have included other people also which he have met during the process who were not from RSD it would be good and true. DecentA short bio on the life of Jeffy Allen Was an emotional rollercoaster of a ride If you can best through it till the end, you ll enjoy it. Masterpiece A peek deep inside into the soul and heart of a man who decided to MAKE IT or DIE FUCKING TRYING Extremely relatable book I wonder if Jeff ever got over his misanthropy issues Maybe not Who cares The world is a wild wasteland Anger can be a fuel Jeff is one of the pioneers of the Black Pill, and 200 years from now the BlackPill Archeologists will agree that this book was a great underrated Black Pill classic Hell, even the ocver of the book is literally Black. EpicHilarious I highly recommend This book shows how Jeff has grown as a person You get a real sense of how game has changed his life I m honored to have read this book and it was everything I hoped it would be and much. Not bad at all,it s basically an autobiography of Jeffy Allen a deeply emotionally frustrated kid which tried to run away from his emotions by turning into Jlaix a douche bag pickup artist who has no identity other than fucking girls and swimming in drama so as to become emotionless and never have to go through pain again, this keeps going forever and it s utterly frustrating cause he basically talks about every girl he fucked in detail which I wasn t really interested even taugh I wanted to learn his methods.Eventually he realizes that he had been living in this delusion I can get a stranger to fuck in under an hour That means I must be a good person In reality, it means NOTHING It means that you know how to play the game, that s IT and without any judgment sees what he went through and realizes that it s no one s fault other than himself and take control of his life.You can even call it spiritual awakening to some extent i think No It s time to let be what is To stop running from the past,and tum to face it To acknowledge what happened, and accept it I forgive him I forgive my mother I forgive every girl whosmashed my shit, hated on me, or stole from me I forgive every assholewho ever tooled me, every internet troll who ever antagonized me.I forgive MYSELF This book is incredibly engaging Sometimes I d read 10% per day It s also hilarious Totally recommend I suppose this book isn t for everybody, but I personally enjoyed it I m actually reading it for a second time now and Allen writes with a crude poise and humor comparable to a Bret Easton Ellis novel.I can see how you can take this book at face value and say This is a book about some douche bag who has nothing better to do than bang chicks, but you sort of need to pull back and actually finish the book before you can make such grandiose assumptions.When we meet Jeff, he s at his lowest point in life, emotionally damaged, psychologically manic and homeless Throughout the book, he see him take on a transformation that is so far from where he was that it s hard not to applaud the guy it s also an incredibly funny story.I think this book gets a lot of hate because it s too far out there for most guys This whole player journey that Allen goes down is something most people don t understand and that scares and infuriates them I think it s easy to criticize somebody s book, but at the end of the day this is a HIS story and I found it entertaining. In the beginning, there were field reports.Before there were any books by Neil Strauss or Mystery, before there were pickup boot camps or DVD box sets, pickup existed as a loosely knit community on Internet bulletin boards There, would be players shared their field reports, strategies, and results They compared notes, exchanged critiques, and figured out a body of knowledge that defied everything men had ever been told about getting women what has since come to be known as game The undisputed king of the field report was a player named jlaix This was the handle of Jeff Allen, who would go on to be a founding member of Real Social Dynamics with Tyler Durden and Papa, all of whom play major roles in Neil Strauss s The Game, the bestselling expose of the world of pickup artists In an arena founded on one upmanship, Jeff Allen did it bigger and better than anyone Get Laid or Die Trying presents in utterly shameless, hilarious, and graphic detail, Jeffy s gritty, 100 percent real, and jaw droppingly astonishing feats of seduction, revealing exactly how one goes aboutAttracting the girl you want by sleeping with all of her friends Getting into the pants of the hottest girl at the party a total stranger in less than thirty minutes Deflecting last minute resistance with a single word Pulling a chick who is surrounded by ten jealous guys Cutting out enormous dudes that could easily pound you to a fine red mistGetting threesomes as your default extraction Having a stable so big you have to trim it down, and other quality problemsConvincing a girl you just met that before you fuck her, she must mow your lawn Jeff s tactics produce superhuman results, yet he doesn t do anything you couldn t do now that you ve seen it done The worst part You could have been doing this your whole life. OMG, what a waste of time, money, paper, ink and for sure a lot of other things too.I won this book and I wanted it because I really liked the title and considering the title I thought it could be very funny I had no idea how wrong I was This is really one of the worst books I ever read If you are looking for entertainment put some dishwasher in the bathtub and make some bubbles Don t read this book and I am saying this because I can t think of anyone who would waste their time reading about a frustrated guy whose only goal in life is to put his dick in a girl Ok, some of you might think that could be an entertaining story and I agree but in this case it is an unbelievable obnoxious, frustrated moron who is ranting about sex and not having sex and girls the whole book through No wait To be honest I couldn t stand than the first few chapters and spared myself the rest of the litany of failure and frustration.Even the time I took to write this is wasted but I hope I can prevent everyone who thought about buying or even reading this from a horrible disappointment. I really liked this book, and its earlier incarnation called 9Ball which has an extra section at the beginning which is probably quite interesting for fans of the author This book is written by Jeffy Jlaix who s a pickup coach for Real Social Dynamics you can see his videos on Youtube He s both nuts and hilarious, and both dominant features of his personality come out in this book The book is largely a collection of field reports stories about his pickups and seductions You may have this image in mind of a pickup artist as being a smooth Casanova who seduces girls with no challenges along the way but I m sorry, when you read this book the stories are fucking nuts They re full of awkward situations that Jeff has to overcome, sometimes with brilliant focus and sometimes with sheer warrior mentality Thankfully, that makes a helluva lot interesting read than a smooth and seamless seduction.Great book, lots of laughs and lots of game to swaggerjack.