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Hi I am OtterTeddy and I want to go to the circus or sail a pirate ship Otter Keeper takes us to the library instead Could we have an adventure there I love books And Otter. It doesn t have an unexpected twist like many Otter books, but it is a nice story wonderfully illustrated, as always about the power of books and the magic of the library. Aw, so cute Beautiful illustrations, as always, and we all love books, so a great combination Now I just need to read onebook before bed This was my first Otter book and I thought it was pretty cute Otter and his friends go to the library for the first time and they have a lot of fun For lovers of otters animal friends and libraries readers wanting a book about library adventures.Possible red flags readers may find the book too uneventful. This was a wonderful look at the magic of books and the amazing places they can take you.