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Deming s profound insights stand the test of time Every leader who cares about improving quality in the deepest sense of the wordthat of making people s lives bettershould be well read in Deming s philosophy and methods To understand Deming is to grasp how society and the economy can work smarter, not just in the name of efficiency, but in the cause of humanityJim Collins, author Good to Great, co author Built to Last Endorsement Following Deming s teachings helped us weather the great economic recessionand then to move forward to double the size of the company, profitably, shortly thereafter Deming s approach is a continuing source of competitive advantage and rapid growthSherm Moreland, CEO, DesignGroup Commercial Architects Planners Endorsement Using Dr Deming s leadership philosophy helped us scale up quickly and profitably Our employees were delighted with this enlightened and effective approach Within a few years the company went public on the Nasdaq stock exchangeKeith Sparkjoy, cofounder, Pluralsight Endorsement Our company owes a huge debt to Dr Deming s insights about how to lead and operate Pride and joy in work, client satisfaction, growth, and quality are all high and sustainableTravis Timmons, health care entrepreneur and President, Fitness Matters EndorsementW Edwards Deming was an international consultant in quality and productivity management InPresident Ronald Reagan awarded him the National Medal of Technology

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