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A compelling crime storyarp and crisp First Comic NewsPeepland hooked me instantly Comic BastardsAn interesting look at crime in the mid s SciFi PulseOne of the most exciting, intriguing and explosive starts to a story this year Reading with a Flight Ringif youre not familiar with noir, this is a great introduction to the genre Youre in the hands of two master storytellers working in a genre they obviously love And if youre already a fan, sit back and enjoy the ride theyre going to take you on, with every dark and greasy twist it has in store for you Fanbase PressA comic with sleaze in its DNA Camerinis art being both visually appealing and provocative MediumHard Case Crime may be the best new American publisher to appear in the last decade Neal Pollack in The StrangerAll told, Peepland is a gritty, brilliantly conceived thriller told in a grand, colorful cinematic way It is what good comics are all about and a fantastic bridge between them and New Pulp Were looking forward to future issues with enthusiastic anticipation Pulp fiction reviewChrista Faustis an American author who writes original novels, as well as novelizations and media tie ins including Fringe, Snakes on a Plane and Final Destination Faust won theCrimespree Award Best Original Paperback for her hardboiled novel, Money Shot Growing up in New York City, Christa spent her post school years working in the Times Square peep booths and later a professional Dominatrix, before breaking into the writing worldGary Phillipsis a critically acclaimed author of mysteries and graphic novels Raised in South Central Los Angeles, Phillips grew up reading comics, classic pulp and detective fiction Besides writing several stand alones like The Jook and The Underbelly, and editing anthologies such as Orange County Noir, Phillips has found success in the field of graphic novels, penning illustrated stories such as The Rinse and High RollersAndrea Cameriniis an up and coming Italian comics artist He has written and contributed cartoons and animation to various TV stations and is the author illustrator of Vernacoliere

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