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This Definitive Guide to pfSense book corresponds to pfSense version x fromA second book from the same publisher, pfSense Essentials ISBN, is based on versionwith features from older and newer versions The Definitive Guide to pfSense, written by pfSense co founder Chris Buechler and pfSense consultant Jim Pingle, covers installation and basic configuration through advanced networking and firewalling with the popular open source firewall and router distribution This book is designed to be a friendly step by step guide to common networking and security tasks, plus a thorough reference of pfSenses capabilities The book covers hardware and system planning, installation and upgrades, backups, firewalling fundamentals, port forwarding and Network Address Translation, bridging, Virtual LANs VLAN , Multi WAN, Virtual Private Networks VPN using IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN, traffic shaping, load balancing, wireless networking and captive portal setups, redundant firewalls and High Availability, system monitoring, logging, traffic analysis, sniffing, packet capturing, troubleshooting, and software package and third party software installations and upgrades Mit pfSense, Freeradius, MySQL und ein paar Webseiten drumrum habe ich ein WLAN Portal realisiert pfSense bildet dabei das Drehkreuz zum Internet auf der Basis von BSD mit den wichtigsten Zusatzpaketen f r die sichere Abgrenzung des LAN zum Internet Dieses Buch liefert viel Netzwerk Knowhow und eignet sich in vielen Teilen auch als Nachschlagewerk Zu pfSense selbst findet sich von der Installation bis zu vielen Konfigurationsbeispielen und anleitungen alles, was gut und n tzlich ist Obwohl man auch im Inet bis hin zu youtube Anleitungen all das finden kann, ist das Buch halt Wissen zum Anfassen und Nachschlagen Den Preis ist das Buch allemal wert, zumal pfSense selbst kostenlos ist hat prompt geliefert. Essentially all the information in this book may be got online from the site but if like me you like reading a proper book then it s all here, and very clearly laid out with good bold headings.The edition supplied is dated October 2009 so a little out of date but you can always refer to the web site, I am in the process of deploying the embedded version using the FreeBSD methodology called nanoBSD where the whole operating system is loaded from a read only Compact Flash at boot into RAM and uses only virtual RAM disks in operation so avoiding wear to the card.Can t really add at present , I am trying to get to grips with the concepts of Virtual LAN s which the book seems to describe very well with actual configuration examples of currently available switches i.e Netgear GS108T which luckily I had obtained a pair of in intending to upgrade my network to Gigabit before learning of pfSense. Quite simply the best technical book I have read in 20 years It goes through each step setting up complex tasks such as failover with CARP and setting up VPNs It goes into every possibly option in detail, and includes comprehensive trouble shooting steps This book made fixing a faulty failover setup a breeze If you use pfsense, you should have this book We have this book in the office, but I had to buy myself another copy for home It is aimed towards the lay admin you dont have to be a networking or firewall guru to use it I learnt a lot about networking concepts in general from this book too eg about bridging loops outbound NAT. Very clear and well written If you are going to deploy pfSense in your home or office get this book, there are features in it I hadn t realized This isn t a dummy s guide to the internet and nor should it be, you need to at least have a basic understanding of IP addressing and ports.