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Awards Best BookThe EconomistBest Book for Business Owners IncGreat Finance Book ofForbesBest ofBusiness Book Library JournalMidler has upended a lot of the assumptions about this factory for the world ForbesA must read for people engaged in mainland business South China Morning PostImportant, timely and entertaining Taipei TimesMost of the people in Mr Midlers position would not dream of disclosing what they see The EconomistManages to be both instructive and entertaining National ReviewA fascinating, funny and important book Asia TimesAn invaluable book for anyone considering doing business in China Epoch TimesA lively dissection of the cultural clash Malaysias The StarYou wont look at the label Made in China the same way Toronto NowHis warning is worth heeding is China listening Business TimesPlenty of laugh out loud moments Financial TimesStrongly recommended Bangkok Post It was a world gone wrong, one in which manufacturers thought little of manipulating product quality levels in order to save the smallest amounts, where savvy foreign business leaders were made to feel in control while they were taken for a ride by their partners, where entire manufacturing facilities sometimes vanished right into thin air Welcome to Poorly Made in China At the height of the boom export manufacturing, Paul Midler returned to East Asia, a recently graduated Wharton MBA In the right place at the right time, he was sought out by a number of foreign companies who wanted help in navigating the new economy The adventures came fast, as did the business and cultural lessons Poorly Made in China is a dramatic romp through China s export manufacturing sector, one that reveals what really goes on behind the scenes The story follows the author from one project to the next, taking the reader through a diverse set of industries and revealing a number of challenges An engaging business narrative told with doses of humor and insight, this true story pulls back the curtain on the rising Chinese economy, providing a closer look at the rough and tumble environment in which so many of our consumer products are being made For those trying to make sense of why so many quality failures could come out of China at once, this book is an especially interesting readPoorly Made in China is the tale of a modern day gold rush and its consequences, the chronicling of a rising economic power and its path along a steep growth curve Entertaining and eye opening, the book highlights the extent to which culture affects business dealings, and the ultimate suggestion is that we may haveto be concerned about than product failures alone

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