kindle PowerShell for Office 365: Automate Office 365 administrative tasksAuthor Martin Machado –

Learn the art of leveraging PowerShell to automate Officerepetitive tasksAbout This BookMaster the fundamentals of PowerShell to automate OfficetasksEasily administer scenarios such as user management, reporting, cloud services, and manyA fast paced guide that leverages PowerShell commands to increase your productivityWho This Book Is ForThe book is aimed at sys admins who are administering officetasks and looking forward to automate the manual tasks They have no knowledge about PowerShell however basic understanding of PowerShell would be advantageousWhat You Will LearnUnderstand the benefits of scripting and automation and get started using Powershell with Office Explore various PowerShell packages and permissions required to manage Officethrough PowerShellCreate, manage, and remove Officeaccounts and licenses using PowerShell and the Azure ADLearn about using powershell on other platforms and how to use OfficeAPIs through remotingWork with Exchange Online and SharePoint Online using PowerShellAutomate your tasks and build easy to read reports using PowerShellIn DetailWhile most common administrative tasks are available via the Officeadmin center, many IT professionals are unaware of the real power that is available to them below the surface This book aims to educate readers on how learning PowerShell for Officecan simplify repetitive and complex administrative tasks, and enable greater control than is available on the surfaceThe book starts by teaching readers how to access Officethrough PowerShell and then explains the PowerShell fundamentals required for automating OfficetasksYou will then walk through common administrative cmdlets to manage accounts, licensing, and other scenarios such as automating the importing of multiple users,assigning licenses in Office , distribution groups, passwords, and so onUsing practical examples, you will learn to enhance your current functionality by working with Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online using PowerShell Finally, the book will help you effectively manage complex and repetitive tasks such as license and account management and build productive reportsBy the end of the book, you will have automated major repetitive tasks in Officeusing PowerShellStyle and approachThis step by step guide focuses on teaching the fundamentals of working with PowerShell for OfficeIt covers practical usage examples such as managing user accounts, licensing, and administering common Officeservices You will be able to leverage the processes laid out in the book so that you can move forward and explore other less common administrative tasks or functionsTable of ContentsPowerShell FundamentalsManaging Officewith PowerShellAzure AD and Licensing ManagementManaging SharePoint Online Using PowerShellManaging Exchange Online Using PowerShellScript AutomationPatterns and Practices PowerShellOneDrive for BusinessPowerShell Core

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