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Learn to use PowerShell Your hands on quick start guide to Windows PowerShell scripting If you are really serious about PowerShell programming and want to get into the real programming world within the next seven days of your life If yes then you are in the right place Why Because this is the only audiobook that comes with interactive codes thoroughly tested and proofread by experts , expert tips and tricks stand out from the crowd and exercises with their solutions make the concepts stick to your mind Do you want to learn how to code, but feel that the process is going to be too hard to learn Are you looking for something that is a bit easier to work with and can help you to really get ahead Are you ready to learn some coding, but you have been worried about the complexity and the amount of time that it takes to learn traditional coding languages Then PowerShell is the right option for you There are a lot of different parts that come with the PowerShell language, and learning how to work with it can be a lot easier than you may think Some of the topics that we are going to explore in this guidebook concerning PowerShell and all it can offer include What is PowerShell How to get started with the commands How the pipelines work in this language The different wildcards and operators that you can work within PowerShell The drives and the providers How to work with the strings and the quotes How to execute some of the commands that you need in PowerShell How to format your data, handle objects, and create tables How to work with PowerShell Remoting The beauty of multitasking in PowerShell There are a lot of benefits to using PowerShell for some of your coding needs, and learning how to use this coding language for your needs, make sure to check out this guidebook to learn how to get started Remember you can never compare a well structured paid audiobook with free online resources like Youtube channels, discussion forums and other online courses mostly out dated Now if you are really serious about PowerShell then get this audiobook now

12 thoughts on “PowerShell: The Complete Beginners Guide for Windows PowerShell.: A Step by Step Guide for PowerShell Scripting! (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Brayden Smith, William Bahl, SJ Publishing: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Mrs. Jane P. Holden Mrs. Jane P. Holden says:

    Unfortunately there is very little to like about this tiny book or inflated pamphlet It is poorly structured, poorly written and at best random It has errors from the start and is not complete by any definition I returned it as it is not as described in the advert a complete guide to anything apart from possibly how not to author a beginners guide It appears the only way the publisher could make this 69 pages long was to double space and increase the font size There are deserving places to invest you hard earned cash If I could give it zero stars I would.

  2. L. Rushton L. Rushton says:

    I m just looking for a list of commands and some examples of how to use the language So, from that point of view, it drags itself over the obvious from time to time If you are really new to the concept of programming or scripting, I m sure it s a good start.

  3. hary williams hary williams says:

    Looks like this gentleman watched a few U tube videos and then wrote the book It s not edited, it s unintelligible in places and poorly organised Save your money

  4. sadovidsporn.co Customer sadovidsporn.co Customer says:

    Nevertheless, by purchasing this eBook you consent to the fact that the author, as well as the publisher, are in no way experts on the topics contained herein, regardless of any claims as such that may be made within To which I reply Why are you writing a book You don t have any expertise but you ve decided you can teach the subject It s an understatement to say that the author is not an expert in powershell It is also excessively misleading to use the term Complete in the volume title A accurate description of what is here is a meaningless hodge podge of random topics that aren t explored in any meaningful way The most confusing inclusion was Chapter 5 The Drives and the Providers which seems a completely random inclusion and for the record a provider I have never found necessity to use.If you re looking for an introduction to the language that provides fundamentals I d give this one a pass.

  5. GK GK says:

    I ve been writing code for than 30 years and wanted a good intro to PowerShell this book was not it Not well written, with a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes Poor organization, lack of examples I could go on but suffice it to say, I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone I d give 0 stars if that were possible.

  6. Scott in Spokane Scott in Spokane says:

    Complete waste of money Almost any free PowerShell tutorial has information in it than this book Is extremely wordy and repetitive with very little substance.

  7. Matthew Perkins Matthew Perkins says:

    As some one just looking at something to get a little into streamlining my Powershell learning This wasn t it Far from being a complete guide, the book is like a 15 minute crash course on very general concepts that you could learn by googling Powershell and reading the wiki Code examples are tossed out so casually you wouldn t even notice them unless you know what they look like before hand If your looking to get something bit solid then tutorials online, I recommend going for a higher end book.

  8. Aal Aal says:

    More like pamphlet of double spaced words and double lined sentences This is a horrible book for the money.

  9. sadovidsporn.co Customer sadovidsporn.co Customer says:

    Spends a 100 words where 10 would suffice Very few practical examples, that contain typos to top it off and refers back to things that have not been discussed before

  10. Zach Dehnert Zach Dehnert says:

    I told my self to commit to this book and finish it, but I had to stop The code snippet in one of the first examples has a typo, it says runnin when it should say running There are typos as you go along in the text I just had to stop.

  11. sadovidsporn.co Customer sadovidsporn.co Customer says:

    Utter garbage No code examples Slapdash.

  12. Mark M. Mark M. says:

    The contained very little information about actual programming in Powershell There s better free information to be had on the Web.