epub pdf Presente!: Latin@ Immigrant Voices in the Struggle for Racial Justice / Voces Inmigranted Latin@s en la Lucha por la Justicia Racial By Cristina Tzintzún – Avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de

Read the media coverage of the increasingly heated debate around immigration reform in the United States two dominant narratives emerge From Lou Dobbs to Sean Hannity, commentators on the right have crafted an image rooted in fear, demonizing undocumented immigrants as a threat to national security and raising the specter of a deliberate browning of America Left leaning journalists, on the other hand, foreground victimization, emphasizing the plight of immigrants, stripping them of their agency Neither captures the range of experiences within undocumented immigrant communities, and both fail to see immigrants as active participants in their own struggle for racial and economic justice Presenteoffers a rare perspective on the immigrant rights movement, written by immigrant workers themselves Including a range of essays exploring the intersection of race, class, and immigration in the United States, this anthology challenges its readers to move beyond a legalization only framework and embrace a broader vision for social justice organizing embodied in the work of grassroots organizations across the country resisting state repression, cultivating solidarity, and building alternative models for progressive social change Offered in a dual language edition, with a foreword by Democracy Nowco host Juan Gonz lesCristina Tzintz n is the executive director of Workers Defense Project, a Texas based workers rights organizationCarlos P rez de Alejo is the executive director of Cooperation Texas, an organization dedicated to the creation of sustainable jobs through the development, support, and promotion of worker owned cooperativesArnulfo Manr quez is an organizer at Workers Defense Project, where he organizes immigrant construction workers to defend their labor and human rightsIn Oakland, California on March ,a fire destroyed the AK Press warehouse along with several other businesses Please consider visiting the AK Press website to learn about the fundraiser to help them and their neighbors

10 thoughts on “Presente!: Latin@ Immigrant Voices in the Struggle for Racial Justice / Voces Inmigranted Latin@s en la Lucha por la Justicia Racial

  1. Rachel Lovins Rachel Lovins says:

    bilingual, short essays about actual community organizers This book was super useful.

  2. Rozemarijn Rozemarijn says:

    Read about half Interesting stories and insights.

  3. V V says:

    Was well written goodreads first reads selection and the fact that it is bilingual makes it a great addition to our library