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New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller multiple years running Translated intolanguages, with than half a million copies sold worldwide A Hudson and Indigo Best Book of the Year Recommended by Shona Brown, Rachel Hollis, Jeff Kinney, Daniel Pink, Sheryl Sandberg, and Gretchen Rubin Radical Candor has been embraced around the world by leaders of every stripe at companies of all sizes Now a cultural touchstone, the concept has come to be applied to a wide range of human relationships The idea is simple You dont have to choose between being a pushover and a jerk Using Radical Candoravoiding the perils of Obnoxious Aggression, Manipulative Insincerity, and Ruinous Empathyyou can be kind and clear at the same timeKim Scott was a highly successful leader at Google before decamping to Apple, where she developed and taught a management class Since the original publication of Radical Candor in , Scott has earned international fame with her vital approach to effective leadership and co founded the Radical Candor executive education company, which helps companies put the books philosophy into practiceRadical Candor is about caring personally and challenging directly, about soliciting criticism to improve your leadership and also providing guidance that helps others grow It focuses on praise but doesnt shy away from criticismto help you love your work and the people you work with Radically Candid relationships with team members enable bosses to fulfill their three core responsibilitiesCreate a culture of Compassionate Candor Build a cohesive team Achieve results collaborativelyRequired reading for the most successful organizations, Radical Candor has raised the bar for management practices worldwide

10 thoughts on “Radical Candor: Fully Revised & Updated Edition: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity (English Edition)

  1. Mr. Tyler Durden Mr. Tyler Durden says:

    My mistake I hoped there d be some wisdom in this book also for non Americans, but no such thing Office rituals and habits in Europe differ greatly from the described American settings that I used to be well familiar with years ago , which does not make this book useful at all for me here in Germany.Being too open and or too candid in the office rather is a hindrance and not appreciated Actually, being too open to your boss and or coworkers opens the door for jealousy and backstabbing which is a threat to any career Of course, other people s experiences may vary.

  2. Christian Riedhammer Christian Riedhammer says:

    Kim Scott s book is one of the best books I ve recently read It s a marvellous read on managing people I d recommend it if you are a people manager or if you want to coach others who manage people.I d summarize it by saying it takes a teaching and mentoring approach to management, very much of the school that managers primarily exist to help the people on their team.Kim s advice is both practical and actionable, with specific advice for running 1 1s and meetings, and focused how to encourage conversations where people strive to improve themselves as well as helping others.

  3. Anastasia Anastasia says:

    Kim Scott shares her insights on managing others, this makes the book an easy read.For me, probably the most helpful part of the book was about growth trajectories and career conversations.

  4. SLV SLV says:

    The information is useful and interesting, but Kim Scott s voice is difficult to listen to It might be better to buy the book version.

  5. iren iren says:

    Delivered on time Got it as a gift and received good comments.

  6. Stefanie Voss Stefanie Voss says:

    Ich habe das Buch geh rt, nicht gelesen aber es hat mich so beeindruckt, dass ich mir dann die gedruckte Fassung auch noch gekauft habe Die Kombination aus Challenge und Care ist so treffend und passend schon allein daraus l sst sich ganz viel ber F hrung lernen Dazu ist das Buch praktisch, bietet viele Tipps und Ideen, deckt also von der Leadership Theorie bis zur Praxis alles ab und die pers nlichen Geschichten der Autorin machen es noch einmal wertvoller.F r mich eines DER besten Leadership B cher der vergangenen Jahre

  7. J. Haddick J. Haddick says:

    Kim Scott hat ber 25 Jahre Erfahrung mit Personalverantwortung Das begann f r sie bei einer Firma f r Bearbeitung von Diamanten in Moskau an Zwischenstopps machte sie bei Weltkonzernen wie Google und Apple Als Mitbegr nderin arbeitet sie aktuell bei Candor Inc.Eine Grafik mit zwei Achsen veranschaulicht den Grundgedanken des Buches Die vertikale Achse steht f r care personally , die horizontale f r challenge directly Die Achsen teilen die Grafik also in vier Boxen ein Die Box rechts oben stellt den Bereich dar, in dem pers nliche Anteilnahme gezeigt und direkte Konfrontation gesucht wird Das ist Radical Candor radikale Aufrichtigkeit In der Box rechts unten wird direkte Konfrontation gesucht, allerdings ohne pers nliche Anteilnahme Den Bereich nennt die Autorin obnoxious aggression unausstehliche Aggression In der Box links oben wird pers nliche Anteilnahme gezeigt aber keine direkte Konfrontation gesucht Das ist ruinous empathy zerst rerische Empathie In der Box links unten wird weder pers nliche Anteilnahme gezeigt, noch direkte Konfrontation gesucht Die Autorin nennt das manipulative insincerity Manipulative Unaufrichtigkeit.Die Autorin m chte dazu ermutigen, am Arbeitsplatz pers nliches Interesse zu zeigen und gleichzeitig die direkte Konfrontation zu suchen, wo man mit der Arbeit nicht zufrieden ist Das gilt f r unterstellte Mitarbeiter, wenn irgend m glich sollte das aber auch gegen ber vorgesetzten ausge bt werden Jeder sollte sowohl radikale Aufrichtigkeit aus ben, als auch andere dazu ermutigen, ihm gegen ber radikal aufrichtig zu sein Wenn radikale Aufrichtigkeit und pers nliches Interesse herrschen, wird pers nliches Wachstum m glich Wo das nicht der Fall ist, herrscht schnell Unzufriedenheit.Im ersten Teil stellt Kim Scott das Grundprinzip vor, im zweiten wird sie sehr praktisch Sie gibt Hinweise, wie man zeitnahes Feedback geben kann, zielf hrende Mitarbeitergespr che f hren kann, wie oft solche Gespr che stattfinden soll, was man per Telefon besprechen kann und was lieber pers nlich besprochen werden sollte und vieles mehr.Ich neige manchmal dazu, die pers nliche Konfrontation zu vermeiden, weil ich Bef rchtungen habe, ich k nnte jemanden verletzen Das Buch hat mir die Augen daf r ge ffnet, dass dort mehr kaputt geht, wo keine pers nliche Konfrontation geschieht und es zeigt praktische Wege auf, wie pers nliche Konfrontation auf eine gute Weise ausge bt werden kann Ich fand es extrem hilfreich.

  8. Antony M Antony M says:

    The core framework this book is built around is strong, and the book strengthens it throughout with practical advice and examples A near perfect example of a business book that gets to its point and doesn t waste your time with padding.Feedback is such a simple thing, but so hard for individuals and teams to get right without conscious practice Radical Candor is an accessible and compelling companion for anyone trying to improve this aspect of their work.I highlighted many passages and shared them with colleagues as I read this book a sign that reading it was time well spent.

  9. emma wright emma wright says:

    Incredible I bought this to try and better relate to my own managers and it was very useful for that but it went so much beyond that This should be mandatory reading for everyone who has to communicate with other people at all Cannot recommend enough The methodologies and ideas are broken down so clearly you only need to read the book once and you ll remember 90% of it Go, Kim Scott

  10. Flixton Flixton says:

    I bought this on a recommendation and have really enjoyed listening to it very thought provoking The narrator is an inveterate name dropper and wants you to know all the big names she has worked with so you do have to tune that out but she is prepared to give real life examples of when things have gone badly as well as when things have gone well which does make it seem real and achievable.