Free eBook radiotoday guide to HF data on FT8 & PSK: using WSJT-X and Fldigi –

Many radio amateurs who are finding the bands quiet are now turning to HF data on FT and PSK and finding lots of activity when using the weak signal modes offered by WSJT X There has been an explosion in the popularity of these modes and this new book offers the very latest advice on how to set up your station and operateradiotoday guide to HF data on FT PSK starts by explaining how to set up a modern digital modes station using just a PC and a transceiver Detailed and very practical discussions then explain the monitoring and operating procedures required Covering the WSJT Xsoftware including FT contest modes for weak signals, the book also includes the Fldigifreeware for the myriad of other HF digital modes available The book even details the new Fox and Hounds mode You will find an in depth discussion of modern digital modes from the very practical side but also goes on to discuss the technology itself Concepts such as Forward Error Correction FEC , Cyclic Redundancy Checks CRC and Fourier analysis that at first appear complex are explained radiotoday guide to HF data on FT PSK ensures that the requirement of advanced mathematical skills before you can decipher this technology has been removed The book explains in a simplified way using diagrams and terms familiar to most radio amateursIf you are interested in using FT or other HF digital modes or even the possibilities in the new WSJT Xsoftware then radiotoday guide to HF data on FT PSK provides the ideal starting point As a Ham Radio Elmer and former Telecom Engineer Having recently retired and returning to the hobby, I needed to gain an understanding of this new mode I found this such an easy and satisfying read I found that a couple of hours monitoring signals using WSJT X consolidated what I had learned. Well written guide to digital HF radio. very helpful and useful