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Oliver Maxwell is demented, depraved, and disturbed He s also one of the most caring young men you could ever hope to meet In his own words, he both loves and hates women with equal intensity, confessing, Some girls I hate so much, I have to see them naked If you think Oliver Maxwell is complicated, just wait until you read about his sex life When this conflicted milquetoast discovers a nubile young girl sprawled out and unconscious in an alleyway one night, he decides to take the foundling home with him to nurture her back to health and consciousness Oliver soon realizes that in order to take care of his mysteriously cataleptic housemate the sudsy bubble baths, the muscle massages, the incessant combing of her silken blonde hair he will need to indulge in extracurricular sexual diversions to keep from inflicting himself on the gamine s tender, vulnerable body There begins a litany of progressively perverted episodes for a boy whose fantasies might be others nightmares and vice versa For Oliver Maxwell and the various paramours he comes upon during his nocturnal meanderings , experimentation is only the beginning He craves the fear as much as the fantasy, and knows he s not the only one Along the way, Oliver finds his lost angel in a coma might not be as innocent as he presupposed

10 thoughts on “Rag Doll: A Horrotica Novel

  1. Jordan LaRousse Jordan LaRousse says:

    Twisted, dark, and gripping An irresistible read.

  2. Erzabet Bishop Erzabet Bishop says:

    This was well written but a little too dark for my tastes In researching different forms of erotica, I found this to be very gritty and in a style that might better appeal to men.