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I can t agree with one of the previous reviewers who rated this book a 1 Having studied the topic intensively at post grad level for the past 4 years, this book is a brilliantly straightforward read for anyone who hasn t got the time to study to catch up The headlines are all here with some entertaining examples that you will remember and be able to use in real life conversations.Resilience is going to be the next big thing, and anyone who thinks they know what Resilience is without reading a book like this is going to be missing a massive trick.A big 5. Really nice to read and full of knowledge Very interesting The writers manage to explain very complex issues in a fascinating and understandable way I found a lot of food for thought and hope for the future in this book. Packed with useful examples and conclusions drawn from them some surprising, some downright counter intuitive I would recommend this for anyone setting a company strategy for the next ten years who would have thought strong yet fragile could be so commonplace Libro sicuramente interessante che apre a nuove prospettive, per un po limitato per un uso scientifico accademico vedi anche la mancanza di rimandi diretti alla bibliografia nel testo Utile come introduzione all argomento. Great read supported by relevant stories and examples of resilience at many levels Valuable on a personal and professional level Very good book. Excellent bookgives you an insight on resilience and deliberate development of the same. All systems break down Some bounce back, others do not This is a book about whySILIENCE is a book about how the world works It covers business, economic, geographic and social systems in a thrillingly readable narrative A wealth of absorbing examples are covered, from the link between US oil prices and the recent tortilla riots in Mexico to what was really happening when the US government decided not to bail out Lehman Bros RESILIENCE introduces completely new ideas, such as flipping which is when a systems has been pulled out of shape so often it changes forever The thinking in RESILIENCE has crucial implications for how to understand the world in which we live The book is very interesting It encompasses a comprehensive definition of resilience Also, the authors have explained each component of the concept resilience by detailing case studies and comparative examples.Eventually, the writing style is simple and easy to read.