[[ eBook ]] Security Testing with Raspberry PiAuthor Daniel W. Dieterle – Avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de

Security Testing with Raspberry PiWant to know how to run Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi Trying to learn Ethical Hacking on a budget Want to learn how to make cheap drop boxes Or how to use a Raspberry Pi as a HiD attack device or for Physical Security Look no further, this book is for you Topics Include Using Kali Linux and Kali Pi on an RPi Using Ethical Hacking tools in Raspbian Using Raspberry Pi as a target in a Pentest lab Using RPi as a USB HiD attack device Using cameras on a RPi to create physical security devicesAnd much, much

8 thoughts on “Security Testing with Raspberry Pi

  1. David Stewart David Stewart says:

    Easy to follow guidance for configuring and testing security for computer based systems.

  2. Richard Ahlquist Richard Ahlquist says:

    I ve been using Pi for years so I m well familiar with how capable a platform it is, but had never considered it for this use The book is well written, concise and paced well for learning Not only does Daniel explain the tools and their use, he explains why some selections are better than others He even goes into detail on building a touch screen based unit I highly recommend you take this book for a spin if you are in InfoSec, just breaking in, somewhat versed, or just wondering how to leverage the Pi for your infoSec toolkit.

  3. Kris Kris says:

    So far I really like this book Easy to follow, some things have changed since the book was published kali kali not root toor , but still 99.9% current I have two tips for anyone looking to read and follow along with this book 1 it states that you can install PTF on a raspberry pi 3bDON T I don t know about the 3b I have a 3b and 2 4 s but while it did try, every install attempt on my 3b crashed the pi Worked fine on my 42 it states that installing PTF will take a few hours For me, It took SEVEN HOURS for everything to install This was on a heatsink d Pi4 with 1Gb hardwired connection Downloads went quick, it is the actual installation of the various modules that drags Set it up before you go to work, or a long drive, or a trip to Hawaii it might be done by the time you get home

  4. Ryan W. Ryan W. says:

    I ve read Daniels earlier books on Kali Linux and Learned a lot, so I was very excited to see that he was going to be releasing a book revolving around the raspberry pi and security testing Of course it did not disappoint at all His writing style is easy to comprehend and he has a lot of interesting projects for any info sec enthusiast.

  5. Matt Matt says:

    Aside from the benefits and fun of learning security testing with the RPi, it also prompted me to stop procrastinating and build a testing environment on my daily machine Thanks Daniel

  6. John Johnson John Johnson says:

    Puts a lot of good Pi projects in one place.

  7. Barry Bruster Barry Bruster says:

    Security Testing with Raspberry PI is perfect to use for testing and demonstration It is written and explained well This excellent book was received on time.

  8. Darío Darío says:

    Excellent book I recommend it The explanation is very good.