[Free Prime] Targeted Cyber Attacks: Multi-staged Attacks Driven by Exploits and Malware (English Edition) eBook: Aditya Sood, Richard Enbody: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l.Author Aditya Sood – Avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de

the book provides a good introduction to the topic with significant amounts of background information It provides a mid to high level overview of the topic RSAConference, Septhe book works its way through how attacks are planned and executed, following by a description of protective measures and concluding with a bit of myth busting in order to leave readers with a clear and accurate picture of what the threat really means for themyou get a very sharp sense of how and why these attacks are possible Network Security, JuneThe most complete text in targeted cyber attacks to date Dr Sood and Dr Enbody are able to present the topic in an easy to read format that introduces the reader into the basics of targeted cyber attacks, how the attackers gather information about their target, what strategies are used to compromise a system, and how information is being exfiltrated out from the target systems The book then concludes on how to build multi layer defenses to protect against cyber attacks In other words, the book describes the problem and presents a solution If you are new to targeted attacks or a seasoned professional who wants to sharpen his or her skills, then this book is for you Christopher Elisan, Principal Malware Scientist, RSA The Division of EMC As targeted attacks become everprevalent, sophisticated and harmful, its important that we understand them clearly, learn to detect them and know how to mitigate their effects With this book, Aditya Sood and Richard Enbody have provided us with the tools to do this Their clear, technically detailed analysis helps cut through the fear, uncertainty, doubt and hype surrounding this subject, to help us understand whats really going on and what to do about it Steve Mansfield Devine, Editor, Network Security, Computer Fraud Dr Aditya K Sood and Dr Richard J Enbody have done an excellent job of taking the very complex subject of targeted attacks and breaking it down systematically so we can understand the attack techniques, tactics and procedures and build defensive mitigation strategies around them Targeted Cyber Attacks provides insights into common indicators of compromise, so your security teams can react as fast as possible and distinguish anomalous behavior from everyday normal user behavior Stephan Chenette, CTO at AttackIQ, Inc Sood and Enbody have taken a systematic, step by step approach to break down a pretty complex topic into bite sized chunks that are easily digestible They cover everything from the basics and need to know of targeted attacks to theadvanced insights into the world of exploit packs, attack techniques andDhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, Founder Chief Executive Officer, Hack In The Box Targeted Cyber Attacks is by far the perfect manual to dive into the dark borders of cybercrime The book thoroughly describes the model and the mechanisms used by criminals to achieve the cyber attack to exfiltrate information or steal money From a pen testers perspective, the ethical hackers will certainly find the fundamental factors to prepare a better approach to conduct high level penetration testing Aditya and Richard deliver the secrets used by cyber criminals to get inside the most secured companies I learned a lot from this stunning publication authored by a BlackHat Arsenal Jedi Nabil Ouchn, Founder of ToolsWatch and Organizer of BlackHat Arsenal I have always been a fan of the articles that have been published by Dr Sood and Dr Enbody in the past and this book reflects that same quality of work we have come to enjoy here at CrossTalk I found the information to be a very extensive, compelling read for anyone interested in modern cyber attack methodologies The information flows from chapter to chapter in a very logical sequence and is easily understandable by even those with limited knowledge in the cyber security realm I found the work to be extremely interesting and the writing style is active and enjoyable at all points The work presented should be read by not only those in the software realm, but also the casual user who has an interest in privacy and security for themselves Justin Hill, Executive Publisher of CrossTalk, the Journal of Defense Software Engineering Targeted attacks are one of the most virulent, dangerous cyber threats of our time Every company, large and small, should be factoring these in as a major risk This book brings readers up to speed, and helps them get in front of the threat, so that they can take action before they are targeted Danny Bradbury, Cyber Security Journalist and EditorCyber crime increasingly impacts both the online and offline world, and targeted attacks play a significant role in disrupting services in both Targeted attacks are those that are aimed at a particular individual, group, or type of site or service Unlike worms and viruses that usually attack indiscriminately, targeted attacks involve intelligence gathering and planning to a degree that drastically changes its profile Individuals, corporations, and even governments are facing new threats from targeted attacks Targeted Cyber Attacks examines real world examples of directed attacks and provides insight into what techniques and resources are used to stage these attacks so that you can counter themeffectively A well structured introduction into the world of targeted cyber attacksIncludes analysis of real world attacksWritten by cyber security researchers and experts