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FROM THE CO AUTHOR OF THE WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER, CO ACTIVE COACHING Teams Unleashed provides a map and compass for engaged, sustainable, and improved team performance This practical approach uses the everyday language of teams to highlight whats working, and uncover whats not, and gives teams the tools to to incorporate new practices that build team effectiveness This is an approach proven in the real world of teams sinceand used by thousands of teams worldwideThe steps outlined are based on the fundamentals of coaching a powerful, repeatable process to support and empower change that makes a difference Teams Unleashed introduces the five core competencies for working effectively with teams, describes the essential team coaching skills and provides exercises and activities to generate the important conversations that lead to new understanding and new team normsThis is a book for those who work with and lead teams team and executive coaches, internal HR, OD and LD professionals, and team leaders This is an approach that gives teams a way to get clear We are here the tools to design Where we go from here and the structure and accountability to stay on track for team success

5 thoughts on “Teams Unleashed: How to Release the Power and Human Potential of Work Teams (English Edition)

  1. A. Roitinger A. Roitinger says:

    Phillip and Alexis have written a highly instructive and insightful book on a topic that is of strongly growing importance I can fully confirm Marshall Goldsmith s assessment This is an exceptional resource.The presented team coaching methodology benefits from the many years of experience that the authors bring to the table, notably as founding members of Team Coaching International TCI , the leading team coaching practice a clear structure that allows to study and learn step by step a great variety of practical examples the quantitative and qualitative insights from reviewing than 3 000 team assessmentsI can recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a difference for teams

  2. Gail H Brisbin Gail H Brisbin says:

    One of the most enjoyable intellectual experiences is reading about a well known subject, and seeing it in a whole new light that sheds clarity and detail you never even thought about Teams Unleashed, by Sandahl and Phillips, gave me that pleasure After five years directing a school for high school drop outs, and 38 years as a corporate attorney, I have been on many teams The teams goals ranged through education, job readiness training, product safety, process improvement, corporate re structuring, and contract negotiating Some teams were satisfying and productive to be on than others.As I read Teams Unleashed, I found myself thinking, Yup, Uh huh, Oh, yeah, that makes sense, and, I sure wish I had read this book thirty years ago Sandahl s and Phillip s work with thousands of teams over than a decade, as well as their rigorous research and statistical analyses gives them far insight into what makes teams great than my isolated anecdotes.The book sets out an understandable framework of the factors that contribute to the success of teams, and it uses clear, direct, language, so the writing doesn t get in the way of the ideas Also, the book is very user friendly Anecdotes are set out in side bars, theoretical bases, practical observations and exercises are woven together to make the book helpful to professional team coaches and casual readers alike.I m sure professional team coaches will find Teams Unleashed a foundational part of their practice Team leaders will also find it practical and useful in improving the productivity of their teams and the satisfaction of the team members For the rest of us team members, we can look forward to the experience of recognizing, Oh, I see what just happened, or asking, OK, this is where this team is now, what can I do to improve it

  3. Shahnaz Broucek Shahnaz Broucek says:

    The team coaching model described in this book is simple to follow and a powerful tool for raising awareness on any team I have already begun using numerous ideas from the book with teams that I coach and have seen how impactful the team coaching process is first hand from my work with the related Team Diagnostic Assessment I m thrilled to have the concepts behind the model available to organizations and expect to see this rise to the top of the list of best sellers in organizational and team development Practical and accessible for any team wanting to achieve transformational change

  4. AVDeaton AVDeaton says:

    Excellent model for what it takes for teams to thrive Whether you are a leader or a team coach, you ll find practical wisdom here that you can use immediately with the teams you work with The conversational tone of the book makes it an enjoyable read.

  5. Swisskat Swisskat says:

    As someone who has managed cross functional teams, and now as a professional team coach I simply love this book It s practical, true, full of wisdom and a great guide to help teams work better together, be productive and increase positivity We all know it feels great to be part of a great team I honestly believe that every team deserves this work